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The 5 Reasons You Need a Wireless Presentation System

2019.07.19 by BenQ

In recent years the way people work has undergone a dramatic transformation. Modern meetings are becoming ever more reliant on multiuser presentation systems that facilitate presenting in turn and sharing content from a wide range of devices. That’s why the sales of wireless presentation systems grew 57% from 2017 to 2018 and will only continue to increase. Here are 5 reasons your business needs to switch to a wireless presentation system.



Reason 1: Mobile devices and BYOD have increased in popularity among businesses

Employees now demand a ‘digital default’ workplace, with 64% believing their business will fall behind if it doesn’t integrate new tech. Furthermore, 32% of millennials collaborate on phones and tablets for their daily tasks. Since these devices often don’t work with wired presentation systems, these millennial workers often run into technical issues that make it impossible to hold smooth and efficient meetings.


Reason 2: Effective meetings require effectively integrated meeting technology

According to research done by Successful Meetings, 39% of workers feel that integrating new technology into meetings is important. Wireless presentation systems can support any operating system, from Windows and OSX to Android and iOS. They also work perfectly with the hardware that’s already in your meeting rooms, such as projectors and flat panels. No matter what types of devices your employees are using, a wireless presentation system will allow them to freely express their ideas and viewpoints.


Reason 3: Meetings with multiple presenters will be smoother and more efficient

If a meeting has more than one presenter, usually a designated coordinator needs to collect PowerPoints from every presenter beforehand. Then, during the meeting, every new presenter has to switch seats and exchange cables with the previous presenter. This disrupts meeting flow and wastes everyone’s time. Wireless presentation systems make it easy for multiple users to take turns sharing content; it takes only the touch of a button to switch to the next presenter’s materials. Wireless presentation systems also support split-screen functionality that lets multiple people share their ideas on a single screen simultaneously, making meetings that are smoother and more efficient than ever.


Reason 4: No consumables or maintenance required

Traditional projector cables eventually wear out and become loose from being constantly inserted and removed. Many meeting rooms also lack a proper plan for cable storage and management, which eventually leads to a disorganized meeting space as the cable clutter grows. If you want to stop cable chaos before it can begin, wireless is the answer. Wireless presentation systems offer easy installation and plug-and-play functionality, sparing you the hassle of rearranging your meeting space. But more importantly, wireless means no more wasted effort or costs on cable maintenance and replacement!


Reason 5: No more worries about cable length

When using projection equipment, there are never enough cables to go around. Cables are also often too short, forcing presenters to move uncomfortably close to the projector. In large meeting rooms, this means a participant sitting in the back needs to come to the front before he or she can share content on the screen. Wireless presentation systems, which support a signal range of up to 15 meters, give users the freedom to present comfortably. People sitting in the audience can start sharing content at the touch of a button. It’s easy and saves time!


Among the wireless presentation systems on the market, BenQ’s InstaShow stands out above the rest thanks to its unique set of features. InstaShow is a plug-and-play, software-free wireless presentation system that makes it easy to present from PCs, Macs, and smart devices. It offers split-screen presentation capabilities that make multiuser collaboration more convenient than ever. Furthermore, InstaShow employs AES 128-bit encryption and the WPA2 authentication protocol so that you can share freely, with the knowledge that your content is secure. For more efficient meetings, tidier meeting rooms, and smoother collaboration, BenQ’s InstaShow is the ultimate choice.


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