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How Wireless Presentation Systems Help Meeting Efficiency

Whether you are in a main corporate office, a satellite office, or traveling internationally to another one of your companies' locations, you will often be faced with the challenge of getting connected to a larger screen to begin your meeting or workgroup session. The simple task of getting connected via wired sources or with newer wireless presentation solutions still creates anxiety and can lead to inefficient meetings as presenters fumble over getting connected.

The BenQ InstaShow WDC10 was designed to provide a simple, network independent wireless presentation solution that allows a high level of flexibility in conference room settings. No longer are presenters confined to the front of the room or wherever the wired connection dictates. Presentations are easily made from anywhere in the room in three simple steps: Plug-in, Press the button, and Present. Additionally, the InstaShow comes with two transmitter buttons, so switching to another presenter can be done quickly at the press of a button.


For those that are looking to show video, InstaShow is equipped with a video mode button which optimizes the picture foir video transmission. This mode eliminates the choppiness and artifacts that you may have seen in the past when trying to project wireless video.

Choose Your InstaShow

● Split Screen – Present up to 4 devices simultaneously
● Touch Back with Touch Screens
● BYOD – iOS/Android compatible
● Up to 32 connections

● Plug-and-Play wireless presentation
● No software installation or execution
● WPA2 data protection
● USB-C connector

● One button to start presenting
● No software installation or execution
● 802.11ac wireless connection
● WPA2 data protection
● Up to 16 connections

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