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How to Setup the BenQ InstaShow to Maximize Wireless Security

The BenQ InstaShow is a market leading wireless presentation system sold worldwide to many governments, educational, and corporate institutions that operate in high-security environments. A key element in the InstaShow’s secure collaboration design in its focus on removing as many threats as possible.

The InstaShow is unique since it does not need any software, apps, or .exe files to be loaded or run on the computer. The presenter simply plugs in the HDMI or USB-C button to their notebook or device, which then encrypts and transmits the signal to the receiver without any data interaction with the notebook. It is an easy way to protect your installation from threats associated with third-party software. This design will also enable you to connect additional InstaShow buttons to other devices such as Blu-Ray players to share the screen. Here are some helpful tips to maximize security for your InstaShow deployment.

Setup your Password and Encryption Keys

Each InstaShow has a security password that enables administrators to log in to the device to manage common security requirements such as updating firmware, pairing additional buttons, naming devices, and other functions such as changing the screen messages. We recommend that the password be changed after installation, and the host device renamed to make it easier to manage. You can also change the WAN connection from DHCP to Static IP using this menu as well. All InstaShow wireless transmissions are encrypted using WPA2-PSK, and the unit also supports WPA2_Enterprise encryption for a network that requires critical authentication.

Hide the Wireless Network

The InstaShow can be configured to hide its private wireless network and not broadcast any SSID information that can be seen on other wireless devices such as cell phones. This limits any login to the InstaShow only through the LAN port. While there are hacker tools to sniff out hidden networks, it is an easy way to keep the network hidden from visitors and curious internal staff.

Setup without connecting to the network

Security conscious IT managers have to approve and monitor every device on their networks for potential security threats from malware and tunneling programs. The InstaShow can be set up without any corporate network connection simply by using the LAN port on an unconnected PC or notebook. The device can be monitored and configured on the network but has been designed without any native ability to access the internet or third-party cloud services.

Other helpful tips
Mix and Match HDMI & USB-C buttons for smoother meetings.

Each InstaShow ships with two transmitter buttons and an attractive holder with space for any adapters you may need in your room. InstaShow buttons are available in both USB-C and HDMI/USB versions, so you can add a button kit to your initial starter kit to enable your team and visitors to choose the button connection that matches their notebook.


Label your Buttons

Each button is paired with the specific receiver in that room and cannot be used with a different receiver without having to re-pair the encryption keys. By labeling your buttons, it is easy to identify which room it belongs to if someone has misplaced a transmitter.

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