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Century 21 France Joins the New Technology Millennium and Increases Sales Opportunities

Century 21 France required a technology solution that would allow the office to win back time, facilitate multiple presentations without complication, and to avoid any cable knotting and delays while setting up for the next presenter.


From the start, Century 21 France made it clear it required a straightforward solution which was efficient and easy to use. Century 21 France chose 10 pairs of BenQ projectors and InstaShow™ wireless presentation devices to facilitate meetings and increase output.


Following installation, Century 21 France stated the staff were very happy with the results, as it exceeded all their expectations and the installation process went smoothly and the usability of the digital solution delivered as promised.


Century 21 France frequently holds internal meetings and have hundreds of eager home buyers coming through their doors daily. When presentations for home viewings didn’t go as planned, it negatively impacted the clients’ experience and ultimately besmirched the brand’s name. Overall, the process was slow, arduous, and required a lot of prep to ensure the cables were working beforehand.

To streamline the presentations for clients and internal meetings, Century 21 France looked for technology solutions which would easily facilitate presentations without a complicated setup thereby allowing for a greater frequency of back-to-back presentations with clients. A high contrast projector with high brightness would give Century 21 France an image quality that would make its presentations for would-be homeowners a thrilling experience.


Opting to pair two solutions together to work in tandem, Century 21 France selected the InstaShow™ WDC10 one button wireless presentation device and the BenQ Meeting Room Projector MW705. With InstaShow™ WDC10, Century 21 France had an easy-to-use digital solution that required zero set-up nor maintenance support. Moreover, the device could support up to 16 different presenters who could take over the projector with the press of a single button, thereby improving meeting flow and facilitation.

The MW705 is a high brightness projector that displays images in a high contrast ratio for a superior image quality that is both color consistent and vibrant. With its advanced image calibration, installation is both efficient and quick. The SmartEco Mode and Eco Blank Mode also make it an energy efficient projector. Lastly, its quiet operation is designed for distraction-free meetings, limiting its noise volume to a mere whisper.


Following installation, Century 21 France noted a marked improvement in day-to-day operations. Meetings ran smoothly and presentations with clients were flawless, allowing the agents to really demonstrate the value of homes to would-be buyers in crystal clear, vibrant images. Century 21 France staff were impressed with just how easy it was to use the InstaShow™ presentation technology and BenQ projectors. Overall, the time-saving technology allowed for Century 21 France to increase the number of meetings per day, as a result of it expanded its financial opportunities.

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