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Removing the Knot: Accelerating and Facilitating Presentations at Toyota France
Removing the Knot: Accelerating and Facilitating Presentations at Toyota France

Toyota France needed a brand to equip the facility with technology solutions that would promote collaboration across teams and facilitate daily meeting operations for a more coherent and effective business routine.


Toyota France put emphasis on improving the effectiveness of meetings and required a more intimate, straightforward solution. Toyota opted for a single projector and four InstaShow™ wireless presentation devices to empower staff planning and productivity.


After the installation, Toyota France informed BenQ that the staff were very satisfied with the technology, and that the office would be contacting Financial Toyota France to inform it of the new solution and how it saved meeting time and could work for that facility as well.



Toyota France has meetings with stakeholders regularly, and in general needs multiple staff members to present quarterly projections, raw numbers and statistics. Presenters change regularly and the old method for presentations meant passing around a single cable that would get tangled up, be too short, or disconnect form the computer. The method slowed down what should have been a smooth process, and resulted in lost investments.

To eliminate the shortcomings of its own meetings, Toyota France sought out technology solutions that would streamline the meeting process, smooth transition between presenters, and accelerate meetings to save stakeholders’ time and free up the meeting room for other business operations. Additionally, a large image with high resolution needed to be the focal point for meetings, and the projector would have to be able to rapidly respond to the presenters’ computers.


Two BenQ’s solutions were chosen to facilitate and accelerate meetings. For hassle-free presentations, Toyota France selected the InstaShow™ WDC10 one button to start wireless Full HD presentation device. This easy-to-use solution needs no software set-up or maintenance and allows for up to 16 presenters to begin a presentation with a simple press of a button. They would no longer need to rely on passing around the cable.

To further facilitate stakeholder meetings, Toyota France selected a TH681 Projector to present a large single image on its projector screen. The Premium Full HD 1080p resolution provided a crisp image and ensured everything from graphs, scales, and small numbers would be easily legible. It’s Power Saving SmartEco Technology, meant that the projector could reduce energy consumption by 70% with its multiple brightness settings that extended lamp life and virtually eliminated maintenance requirements.


Toyota France expressed absolute satisfaction with the results. The BenQ solutions selected promoted team collaboration, facilitated meetings and improved the overall flow of presentations. No longer were meetings at risk due to the rudimentary technology of the past. The office found the solutions to be such a great asset that it shared its experience with sister branch Financial Toyota France, to encourage it to implement both the InstaShow™ WDC10 wireless presentation device and TH681 Projector for its facilities.

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