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Piano eye care lamp | PianoLight

  • extremely wide : 120cm Ultra-wide lighting

  • Balanced brightness over every corner of your sheet music

  • Adjustable color temperature–the right light for music sessions



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Piano eye care lamp


It’s not only bright,
it’s extremely wide

A beautifully designed lamp to fully illuminate each key on your piano.
Illuminance levels reach 300 lux on both sides.
Unlike normal lamps, our exclusive optical design shines evenly across your entire sheet music,
both vertically and horizontally
Balanced brightness over
every corner of your sheet music

With automatic dimming focus on music not lighting

Even in a space with uneven brightness you never have to worry about adjusting to the right light. PianoLight has a built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts to the illumination level best suited to your environment.

SPOTLIGHT automatically turns on when you approach

A built-in infrared sensor detects and switches on the light when you sit down to play.

Impeccably detailed

Great craftsmanship and perfect design

Bottom cushion and weight placement are keys to minimize sound resonance
To make our piano lamp, we visited factories to understand how pianos are built.

The main structure of the piano is composed of a solid back post (usually beech or maple etc.) and metal wire frames. This is how strings are wound. In the final stage of manufacturing, piano builders will align the top cover to the main supporting structure. This is where PianoLight is placed. The solid wood beam supports the weight of the lamp and will not affect the piano structure. The piano builders insisted that a piano light needs to be a proper weight and have a cushion to minimize sound resonance.

Take care of your eyesight

Never neglect eye care for the sake of art

Premium quality craftsmanship

With the elegant black tone of the piano and design elements of a metronome, this lamp perfectly compliments the look of your beautiful piano.

Adjustable color temperature

– the right light for your music sessions.

Intuitive interface,
simple operation

With multiple global certifications, your eye care is our priority