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Portable Projector

Portable projectors bring big screen viewing with you on the go. We'll show you how to get instant access to big entertainment wherever you are, from meeting room through camping site to college dorms. If you want an alternative to tiny smartphone or laptop screens, read on to learn why a portable projector has what you need. Great image quality, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and double duty as a standalone speaker. Whether streaming movies and TV shows, gaming, or sharing a business presentation, more people than ever turn to portable projectors to enjoy and share content. 


Thanks to the latest in projection tech, you now have access to great quality portable projectors for outdoors use. Night or day and even in the rain, durable, bright, and smart outdoors portable projectors elevate your camping to the realm of glamping – that’s camping with glamor! High quality outdoors portable projectors bring big screen movie, TV, and gaming joy to campsites, backyards, ball parks, beaches, and more. You just need to make sure to get the right projector so everything from image quality to waterproofing and connectivity work in perfect balance.

Camping/Glamping with Outdoor Projectors

Backyard Outdoor Cinema

Enjoy staycations more with a portable projector

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Portable projectors are the only device class that enables big format viewing in places where space is at a premium.

Stay at home with a portable projector

A good projector helps you get more out of your home stay, and brings cinematic entertainment to your private space in times when you really need the leisure, and perhaps are less keen on going out to the movie theater.

In the smaller apartment or studio

Big flat screen TVs take up a lot of room and have no flexibility. But portable projectors fit anywhere and unpack in seconds to showcase content on any screen or wall available, even in the smallest room. You decide how big of a projection you want, and have the convenience of unfolding the screen and putting the compact projector out of the way when not in use. That kind of versatile convenience can't be beat by any other display technology, so space-minded folks would be well advised to consider a portable projector.

For dynamic presentations

Good mini portable projectors empower freelancers, creatives, teachers, sales people, and everyone else with the power of presentations that are ready anywhere, anytime.

In the dorm room

Because dorms tend to place a premium on floor space, college kids usually confine themselves to consuming content or studying on tiny laptop and smart device screens. Portable projectors make it easy to put up large views that can be shared with roommates and friends, without any permanent hassle or blocking off half the room. Streaming, gaming, studying - everything looks better and gets shared with ease through the use of a portable projector.

Travel with a portable projector

Modern portable projectors include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and great built-in sound. Combined with their light and compact designs and extended battery life, that means portable projectors are superb travel companions. From hotel rooms to outdoors campsites, you enjoy flexible large format viewing on the go with simple setup that takes a couple of seconds.

Edutainment at Home with Portable Projectors

Technology & Design

The words portable projector obviously imply compact and light. So sure, you want a device that fits in your bag and weighs less than 1Kg. But you also want high fidelity multi-lens LED technology that saves energy without cutting image quality corners. You want Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, onboard sound, extended battery life, and upscaling to full HD 1080p. Let's take a look at the technologies that make good portable projectors.

How to Connect

When shopping for a portable projector, make sure to get one with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That way, you can easily pair it with any available wireless network and a host of other devices, from PCs to smartphones and consoles. Connected portable projectors do a lot more than just showcase content, they're portals to every streaming app, business file, school project, and game that matters to you. We show you how to connect products like our GS2 and GV1 with ease wherever you may be.

How to Connect with GS2

How to Connect with GV1

Recommended Products

The BenQ GV1 has everything you need in a good portable projector for indoor use. Cool LED projection, support for full HD 1080p, smart features, extended battery life, and of course connectivity, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Quick to setup in homes, public spaces, and offices, the GV1 brings big screen viewing for work and pleasure. As for outdoors, behold the BenQ GS2. Made to live in harmony with the elements, the GS2 is shock and splash resistant for worry-free adventures. A tilting hinge increases viewing flexibility, plus you get bright LED projection for excellent image quality at night and even during the day. Add smart features, USB-C, downloadable apps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an integrated speaker, and you get a cuddly entertainment package for every outdoors occasion.

Outdoor Portable Projector GS2

BenQ LED mini bluetooth portable projector for outdoors GS2 provides versatile entertainment anytime, anywhere with hassle-free wireless setup.

Portable Mini Projector GV1

BenQ GV1 Mini Portable Projector with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB-C connectivity adds fun to your life. GV1 is fun on the run. Any time, any place.