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benq eye-careu blends software and hardware solutions for your most comfortable viewing experience yet
Safeguard Your Eyes with Safety and Comfort
The BenQ Eye-Care Mission

BenQ is the first monitor manufacturer to prioritize eye health. Since 2010 we’ve studied vision, monitor usage and behavior, and even how the environment impacts the computer viewing. Inspired, we developed technology and design innovation to add comfort, safety, and quality to your time at a BenQ monitor.

Innovative Technology

Filtering out harmful lights to prevent from eye damage, BenQ has created and adopted innovative technologies to make sure that our users can enjoy eye comfort on BenQ monitors.

Brightness Intelligence+

Brightness Intelligence

Flicker Free

Low Blue Light

Low Blue Light+

Uncompromised Design

Reminding users of usage time and taking care of usage habits, BenQ has developed designs to make sure that every design will help our users establish good habits when using their eyes.


ePaper Mode

Color Weakness Mode

Eye Reminder

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Casual Browsing Needs Stable Light Sources

Casual browsing and data researching, these are activities which increase your screen time unwittingly as you browse freely. Smart eye-care solutions are to protect eyes from CVS (computer vision syndrome) and other eye-related illnesses.

Brightness Intelligence is a Smart Call

You can’t afford to let Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) stop you from doing your best work. Reduce fatigue with a monitor that adapts on-screen brightness to ambient lighting while balancing image brightness for clear, crisp display.

Get Amped With Brightness Intelligence Plus

Eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision can cut a movie or gaming session short. B.I.+ detects the light around you and adjusts brightness and color temperature for longer, more comfortable viewing.

Boost Your Creativity with Flicker-free™

Detailed work demands intense focus. Flicker-free eliminates flickering that comes between you and your best work.