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Display And Sound , Your Dual Wield Powers

BenQ MOBIUZ proudly presents three QHD 165Hz 1ms gaming monitors. With exclusive Game Optimizers and superior 2.1-ch audio, MOBIUZ monitors help you enjoy low input lag gaming and big audio-visual immersion

MOBIUZ gaming monitors improve your experiences with a host of smart technologies.
Light Tuner

Light Tuner has a whopping twenty levels of intensity for you to select from. It observes in-game illumination and decides how much detail to uncover by brightening up areas that were supposed to be bright but somehow became rendered as overly dark.

Black eQualizer

Black eQualizer can help to spot opponents and dangers hidden by crushed black levels or overly dark rendering. It adjusts these areas to their correct values without disturbing the overall contrast of the display, so while dark areas brighten up and feature more detail, bright areas don’t suffer from overexposure.

Color Vibrance

Color Vibrance enhances viewing beyond the typical three to four settings on basic monitors. The feature allows you to experiment with color gradations to your heart’s content until colors really pop, whereas with basic gaming monitor menu options images often look wrong and washed out. Quickly adjust settings whenever you want based on each game.

2.1-Channel Speakers Powered by treVolo

BenQ treVolo experts approach sound design from the determined perspective of audiophiles. You get full acoustic enjoyment with five sound settings that enable precise treble, a rich mid-range, and resounding bass, all without the clutter of external speakers.

Remote Control*

Easily adjust settings with a handy remote and take control from anywhere in the room. This gives you a convenient and mobile option in addition to intuitive on-monitor inputs.

* Model: EX2710R, EX3210R

Strong 1000R Curve*

MOBIUZ stands for pushing immersion closer to infinity, hence the aggressive 1000R curvature of the panel. Delve into everything from FPS titles to flight and racing sims with increased realism that better matches depth perception and peripheral vision.

* Model: EX2710R, EX3210R


HDRi immersive detail draws you into the game. A discrete sensor detects ambient light levels to assess and refine HDR output for superior display quality. Customized color performance and high contrast produce intense yet clear images.

MOBIUZ QHD 165Hz Product

27" / 1ms / IPS / 165Hz


27" / 1000R / 165Hz


31.5" / 1000R / 165Hz

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MOBIUZ Apex Legend gaming bash powered by Nerd Street
Follow us on Twitter @MobiuzGaming for more news and events, and remember, with MOBIUZ immersion is infinite!
Imagine a New Reality

Imagine a gaming world with no beginning, no end. Where you effortlessly wield your blade, crushing through enemy forces, and going farther than you thought possible. This is MOBIUZ. Here, you will enjoy the ultimate gaming experience that never has to stop. The adventure begins with a belief that you can live your lives to the fullest by getting the most out of gameplay. MOBIUZ is also a commitment to total immersion in the game environment, where you, and your avatar, will never play the same way. MOBIUZ: Become More than You Imagined.