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When speed meets sophistication
BenQ MOBIUZ 27” 240Hz 1ms GtG IPS Gaming Monitor

Step into 240Hz gameplay that elevates sight and sound enjoyment via BenQ-exclusive HDRi and 2.1-ch audio with a 5W subwoofer.

Sleek style at up to 240Hz
Special Offer!
1440P EX270QM

The ultimate high precision setup with HDMI 2.1

MSRP $699.99
1080P EX270M

Insane fast paced gameplay

MSRP $349.99
There’s more to gaming than high refresh.

Spot and detect opponents clearly

Hear every sound enemies make

Improve in-game focus

Act faster and boost your win rate

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Vivid detail reveals all threats

HDRi immersion draws you into the game with customized color performance and high contrast that produce intense yet clear images.

Light Tuner

To prioritize dark areas, use levels 0 to +10 for enhanced detail

Light Tuner has a whopping twenty levels of intensity for you to select from. When you turn on Light Tuner from 0 to +10, you can see the enemy hide behind the obstacle by offering more gradations and increases detail in the darker scenes.

Light Tuner

When bright areas are important, levels 0 to -10 bring out more details

When you turn on Light Tuner from 0 to -10, objects will be rendered visible with more detail in higher contrast in the brighter scenes. The twenty levels give you flexibility to decide just how “aggressive” Light Tuner acts.

Black eQualizer

Black eQualizer balances contrast to make sure dark levels aren’t crushed and white levels aren’t saturated, helping you spot more details, including opponents. *Please note that Black eQualizer is only available in FPS mode.

Audio awareness for fast response
2.1-ch sound including 5W subwoofer

Struggling to figure out where footsteps or gunshots are coming from? The EX270M and EX270QM make a difference. Get rid of your headset and enjoy spatial sound for an immersive gaming experience.

Beat eye strain and win
BenQ exclusive Eye-Care tech

Sit back, relax, and keep focused without the same old eye strain and even headaches you know from other monitors.

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How are MOBIUZ Gaming Monitors Different?

Imagine a gaming world with no beginning, no end. Where you effortlessly wield your blade, crushing through enemy forces, and going farther than you thought possible. This is MOBIUZ. Here, you will enjoy the ultimate gaming experience that never has to stop. The adventure begins with a belief that you can live your lives to the fullest by getting the most out of gameplay. MOBIUZ is also a commitment to total immersion in the game environment, where you, and your avatar, will never play the same way. MOBIUZ: Become More than You Imagined.