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Three Innovative Ways to Create the Safest Conference Room for Employees Returning to Office

  • BenQ
  • 2021-07-15

Easy and affordable ways to improve collaboration productivity and effectiveness without sacrificing employee safety


According to an Economist Intelligence Unit Global Study, 75 per cent of business leaders said that in-person collaboration is critical to business success, affecting business outcomes more than other forms of communication. So how can companies go beyond the standard regime of social distancing, vaccines, and masks to improve the safety of their collaboration spaces without disrupting effectiveness?

  • Secure wireless presentations systems
  • Automated space management
  • Interactive displays with cloud whiteboarding

Stop Sharing Cables and Improve Collaboration

In the pre-Covid conference room, people connected to the projector using a “cable cuddy” which piped in the projector cable that could be shared. The safer – and actually less expensive – the solution is a purpose-built wireless presentation system that enables guests – and staff – to share a display.


A button based system like the BenQ InstaShow is easy to use (just plug it in – and present) and more secure than many app based systems that use your corporate network to do the heavy lifting of routing all the video data from the notebook. Guests will want an app-free solution that doesn’t require them to run any special software on their computer. IT managers also like that InstaShow doesn’t enable any visitor access to your corporate network – reducing the risk of someone bridging into your confidential files.


InstaShow enables four different presenter’s screens on the main display at the same time to help your meetings be more productive. Besides laptops, you can mirror mobile phones, tablets, and even media players as a source. So by getting rid of the cable – you are making the room more productive and secure.

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BenQ InstaShow Wireless Presentation System

Automated Social Distancing Systems

As companies return to their offices, most are using a graduated approach, such as 25% or 50% occupancy. For a mid-size or larger company, doing the math to figure out how to space people based on the percentage of occupancy can be a significant resource drain. Automated space planning tools can enable you to optomize conference rooms for productivity and safety. When combined with a wireless presentation systems, anyone can safely present from any seat in the reconfigured room. 

Interactive Displays with Cloud Whiteboarding

While the cocktail napkin has been a successful brainstorming media for companies like FaceBook and Pixar, the latest interactive displays are now replacing the traditional projector in the post COVID-19 conference room. Cloud whiteboarding has been the way many schools are enabling students to keep from falling behind – and for businesses it enables effortless remote and in-person collaboration. Anyone can write on the whiteboard from anywhere – from nearly any device. The best displays also feature anti-microbial glass on the screen to keep germs from being spread when you have multiple users on the display.


During the last year, the availability and affordability of safer collaboration technology has enabled businesses to upgrade their traditional conference rooms to improve the effectiveness of their spaces, without requiring an expensive makeover. Replacing cables with a button based wireless presentation system and using anti-microbial interactive displays help your office space work harder – and keep employees safer.