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Why Apps are [NOT] Needed for Wireless Presentation Systems

  • BenQ North America
  • 2019-09-11

Today, many companies are transitioning from formal meeting rooms with dedicated control panels and legacy AV switchers to more creative collaboration environments such as huddle rooms that are using wireless presentation systems. But many wireless systems cannot be used without special proprietary software to enable notebooks and tablets to share content on the screen. So how should IT directors and facility managers view these new applications, and what are the alternatives to using proprietary software to share a display?

Security Impact of Apps

Security experts and IT managers take software deployment very seriously. According to app develop Newgenapps, there are a number of potential issues that need to be considered, both from a user perspective as well as safeguarding company data and networks. Poorly designed apps can be cloned, injected with a virus, or enable theft of data. Wireless presentation apps are especially important since they share sensitive content and are used by both employees and visitors.

For an enterprise collaboration environment, these apps can be especially concerning to visitors who are required to download or run the apps on their notebooks or devices in order to utilize the system. Besides the potential disruption and delay in the meeting, many companies and organizations tightly restrict - or "lock down" their employee notebooks to protect them from rouge software, malware, and other security risks - which could prevent a visitor from using the system at all.

The App-Free Wireless Presentation System Alternative

While curated apps, such as those found on the Apple App store or Google Play, have less security risk, the easiest solution is to eliminate the need for any app. The BenQ InstaShow wireless presentation platform is a state-of-the-art wireless presentation system that removes the requirement for IT staff to deploy, load, and train users on software. It works just like a cable.

For an employee or visitor to use the BenQ InstaShow in a secure collaboration environment, the user simply:

  • Plugs in the InstaShow Button into their HDMI or USB-C port on their notebook or other device (such as a Blu-Ray player or digital camera)
  • Taps the button when the light turns green to start presenting

The InstaShow creates an encrypted private network that enables up to 16 different presenters to share the screen with a single tap. Since each button encrypts the transmission, the content cannot be viewed by hackers or curious employees. Washington D.C. cyber security analyst, Ken Bucker, tested the InstaShow and concluded that the app free system represents ”security done right”.

Each InstaShow model comes with a receiver that connects to your projector or display, a number of mounting options (such as a pole or ceiling), two transmitter buttons, and an attractive button holder that won the iF and Good Design awards for excellence in industrial design. You can add additional buttons and mix both HDMI and USB-C buttons on the same system.

Bottom Line

While having wireless applications is nice as a connection option for certain types of devices such as tablets, requiring their use can slow down your meetings, add additional burdens to the IT team who has to deploy and update them, and potentially introduce unexpected security risks. In addition, these apps limit the number of devices that can be used with a wireless presentation system - forcing you to depend on the manufacturer for any new platforms that you may need, such as a Chromebook.

By eliminating the need for a dedicated app, the BenQ InstaShow represents a breakthrough in device flexibility without compromising image quality or security. IT managers should like having one less application to support, and visitors will appreciate the ability to plug-in and present without the hassle of downloading and running software on locked down notebooks. If you are looking for a way to make your meeting rooms more efficient and visitor friendly, consider the InstaShow for simple, secure, and app-free wireless presentations.