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How to Use Your Favorite Apps on a BenQ Interactive Display

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  • 2021-10-13

Teachers all around the world are replacing their traditional teaching tools with digital ones. This trend has seen a major boost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when remote and hybrid learning models quickly gained popularity and came to the fore of educational approaches. 

Teaching in 2020 and now in 2021, you have probably developed preferences for apps and websites you like to use during classes. Some clear winners are Kahoot, Zoom, Flipgrid, Bitmoji, Quizlet, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Moving deeper into school year 2021/22 and back into classrooms, you are likely going to keep using at least some of these apps. 

Chances are, your school has equipped you with new digital tools for your classroom such as for example a new laptop computer, a professional-grade webcam, or a BenQ interactive display. You may be wondering how to use your favorite tools on your BenQ board.

Here are four ways to install and run your favorite applications and websites on a BenQ board:

teacher downloading favorite apps from BenQ App Store on the classroom BenQ interactive display

3 Ways to Run Your Favorite Software on BenQ Interactive Display

1. Download Apps from the BenQ App Store*

Plenty of useful apps come pre-installed on your brand-new BenQ smart board. These include some of the most useful digital tools for a classroom, such as whiteboarding application EZWrite that also includes cloud collaboration functions, and InstaShare software, which allows you to wirelessly mirror content from your devices to the board, all hassle-free. In addition, a Firefox internet browser is available out-of-the-box for you to use.

Plenty of other useful apps, such as Kahoot are available for download directly from the BenQ App Store*. Those are applications that we recommend to use on the BenQ board as our partner software. They are optimized specifically for the device to run smoothly and fit perfectly onto an extra-large display.

You can find BenQ App Store in the application list, which you can access from the main screen. Click the icon with four squares to see the list of installed applications, then find BenQ App Store. There, you can find a list of recommended applications. Select one you would like to install, and the app store will help you download and install the app.

* On certain devices, BenQ App Store can be found under name "BenQ Suggests"

1. Open the apps list

2. Select BenQ App Store

3. Find and click the app you wish to install to start downloading and installing

4. Open your app from the app list

2. Run the Browser Version

Some tools have a dedicated app, but this is not the only way to use them. Many Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Google Classroom or some videoconferencing services, or even the most popular applications like YouTube, run a web version as well, just like on your Windows or Mac computer! Great news is, if you can run it through a browser on your PC, you can likely run it the same way on your BenQ board.

BenQ boards come with the Firefox browser.

3. Run It on Your Personal Device and Mirror the Screen to the BenQBoard

There is another way to launch your favorite apps, and this one will probably feel the most familiar. 

You can run your apps on your PC or tablet, and simply mirror your content to the BenQ board. We have another article that explains how exactly to show your content on the interactive display, make sure to check it out for instructions!

Great news is, even though the app is running on another device, you can control it via the BenQ board if you allow the interactive display to do so. That means you don’t need to run back-and-forth between the board and your desk to edit the content you’re displaying or for example switch slides on a PowerPoint presentation. You can do it all directly on the board!*

*Two-way touch may not be available on all devices. To enable two-way touch, we recommend mirroring through InstaShare app.

Versatile Tool for Better Teaching

BenQ interactive boards are among of the best tools for any classroom in 2021 and beyond. Equipped with a variety of pre-installed apps and the capability to run pretty much any digital teaching tool you are used to, BenQ boards enable interactive teaching and student engagement on levels you have not seen before, especially in remote and hybrid learning scenarios!

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