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How to Create Captivating Public Displays for Non-Stop Foot Traffic

  • BenQ
  • 2016-12-13
Open Up Business Opportunities with BenQ Visual Display Solutions
Empower Institutions to Attract, Direct, and Entertain Crowds with Immersive BenQ Public Displays.

Information guides today’s masses with digital, virtual, and mobile communication. BenQ visual display solutions enable you to create awe-inspiring exhibitions, real-time information displays, and sophisticated command interfaces for transportation hubs, commercial expositions, and artistic galleries to draw, manage, and enthrall customers.

With 24/7 high-visibility public displays powered by laser and panoramic edge-blended projection, touch-interactive and smart signage, MDA display network and X-Sign content management, BenQ visual display solutions help your clients attract large audiences, captivate their attention, and ensure smooth traffic flow. Learn how to partner with BenQ to win installation opportunities at airports, control rooms, business exhibitions, and museums.

Find out how BenQ visual display solutions can:

● Guide and entertain travelers and facilitate control room multitasking 
● Inspire large audiences with spectacular exhibits onstage and in galleries