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How to Connect Your Smartphone or Tablet to a BenQ Board?

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  • 2022-03-04

Smart devices have become integral to teaching, and we’re pretty sure you often find yourself wishing for a convenient way to share content from your phone or tablet. After all, for all their versatility, they’re still personal devices with small-ish screens. Walking around a classroom showing your phone to a few students at a time won’t do. You need a way to bring up desired content onto a large format screen, such as a BenQ interactive board. 

Casting your phone or tablet to a big screen allows you to share everything on those devices for the whole class to experience at once. That goes for your cameras, apps, PDFs, PowerPoints, and everything else. Annotate and edit on the phone or tablet and changes appear with utmost clarity on the big board. 

Speaking of apps, while interactive boards from BenQ have many useful ones pre-installed plus access to a BenQ App Store, in some cases it’s just easier to launch apps from your personal devices. With instant, wireless connectivity, apps that aren’t already on the board become easily shareable with your students. 

Every subject and class benefits from smart device to interactive board connectivity. Whether you teach math, languages, science, history, or even physical education, the added visibility and bigger format of an interactive board is invaluable, and frees you from being tied down to the front of the class, resulting in better engagement with students. 

Let’s take a look at a step by step guide for creating the best connection between your devices and an interactive classroom board. 

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Extra Helpful Tips 'N Tricks

  • Always double check that all your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network before starting class
  • Your device may be running an older version of the InstaShare 2 app. Better get the latest updates*. See how to do that here.
  • With the InstaShare 2 annotation function on BenQ boards, your students can display the content you’re sharing on their own screens and join in the editing and annotation fun. See how to do this here.

* Note about updates: The latest InstaShare 2 build may not be available at this time on some devices. If you’re having trouble updating, please contact your IT team so they can request an .apk file from BenQ tech support.

Freedom in the classroom

While a great tool in itself, connecting your mobile device to the board can allow a whole new range of experiences and activities you can bring into your classroom. All this without being tied to the front of the classroom, where the board is most likely located. Now you can walk around while controling the content of the class to get in touch with your students like never before. 

Check out our library of helpful articles for more interactive board tips and tricks and insights into their various functions and features. 

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