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How to Connect Your Computer to a Classroom BenQ Board?

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  • 2022-03-04

If your school recently installed BenQ interactive boards, you may have some questions on how to make the best use of them, especially with regards to hooking up your laptop or maybe the class desktop PC. 

Like all technologies, BenQ boards do have somewhat of a learning curve, but it’s not much of an obstacle and really nothing to worry about. To start with, think of BenQ boards as a large external display for your laptop. Also, with regards to interaction and input, interactive boards are as easy to use as smartphones and tablets, so there’s little reason for anxiety or concern. 

To get started and become more familiar with the many helpful features of interactive boards, mirroring or sharing content from your computer to the board is a good option for getting in some practice, because it’s quite simple. Documents, apps, videos, images, website and any other type of content or resource easily mirror from laptop to interactive board with minimal effort and maximum visual impact. 

Here is a helfpful step by step guide to get you going if you need extra support.

Choose your computer's operating system below:
  • For Windows users
  • For Mac OS users

Extra Helpful Tips 'N Tricks

  • Make sure all of your devices are connected to the same wireless network, lots of people overlook this and run into connectivity issues
  • Using InstaShare 2 on a BenQ interactive board, your students can display content you’re sharing on their own device screens. They can even annotate content and add remarks! We have a video dedicated to this neat trick

* Note about updates: InstaShare app update may not be available on certain devices. If you cannot update your InstaShare app, please contact your IT team to request an .apk file from directly from BenQ support for a custom install.

More than just screen extenders

While BenQ boards work great as big displays alongside your Windows or Mac PC, they do so much more and have the potential to truly revolutionize your classrooms in the best ways possible.

Check out our library of helpful articles for more interactive board tips and tricks and insights into their various functions and features. 

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