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Projectors / Home Cinema Projector

Your Perfect Home Theater Projector.
Coming to a Sofa Near You.
4K or 4K? Don’t miss our 4K top picks for movie lovers, sports fans, binge watchers, and the best budget 4K projectors! 
Flagship Model for AV Room

Delivering images in 2160p true 4K Ultra HD and featuring THX-certified DCI-P3 HDR, the BenQ CinePro series is the ultimate choice for those who desire a luxurious film festival experience right in the comfort of your own home theater...

Cinema Grade Color models for AV/Living Room

BenQ’s CinePrime series projectors are out-of-the-box color accurate machines and come with individual factory calibration reports. For enthusiasts concerned that every detail be just right, CinePrime is the right choice...

4K HDR Model for Living Room

BenQ’s CineHome series designed to create an immersive true 4k visual feast even in a small room, the CineHome series makes family movie night something to be anticipated all week long...

Looking for the Perfect 4K Projector?

Our top picks for movies, sports matches, AV room, living room, check it out!