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BenQ LED Portable Mini Projectors bring Instant Entertainment on a Big Screen

Portable Mini Projectors.

Instant Access to Big Entertainment Everywhere
Cinematic Intensity Anywhere with BenQ Portable Mini Projectors

Your personal style, passion, and preferences create a unique sense of ritual and speak loud when it comes to streaming movies and music.

GV Series Portable Mini Projector
Broaden Projection Matching Your Lifestyle

Project your favorite content in big-screen images anywhere, anytime.

GS Series Portable Mini Projector
Create Vivid Family Memories Indoor and Outdoor

Rugged design and powerful features leave you worry-free and ready for fun.


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Projector with Extra Bass for Emotions in Details

Offering an enhanced cinematic immersive experience, the built-in 2.1 channel features midrange tweeters with a powerful woofer. You can thus hear the subtle flow of water, falling leaves, as well as the booming explosions. Optimized sound modes for the best audio quality in movies, shows, sports, games, and music


Undistorted lows and clearer highs


Natural, gentle, and low distortion bass

Midrange Tweeter

Detailed, crisp, pure mids and highs


270-degree sound output design

Get Mesmerized by Projectors with Vibrant and Lasting Colors

True colors impart your deepest feelings and leave a lasting impression. True professionalism and dedication display true colors powered by BenQ CinematicColor showcase vivid contrast and lifelike scenes in movies, shows, videos, and sporting events.

The projectors 101 for dummies

Why trust ANSI Lumen only?

If you want to buy a projector and have doubts about inflated LED lumen values, you're probably right.

Why do portable projectors differ in price?

Because of different technology. Do research when comparing products, don't just rely on specs.

What does a >100% Rec. 709 color gamut mean?

The over 100% of Rec. 709 only means that the overall size of the product’s color gamut?

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