8 Creative Ways to Use Your Projector


1. Playing Video Games in King Size

A man is playing video games with a smartphone and a BenQ projector.

2. Recipe Projection

A man is cooking while watching the cooking recipe video displayed by BenQ projector.

3. Bedtime Storytelling

The kid is watching bedtime stories projected by BenQ projector.

4. Watching Fireworks

The group of people is watching fireworks with BenQ projector at the party.

5. Menu Projection in a Restaurant or a Lounge Bar

There is a menu displayed by BenQ projector in the lounge bar.

6. Seasonal Decorations

It is possible to use the BenQ projector for projecting Christmas decorations.

7. Art Projection

It is possible to use a BenQ projector for displaying artwork in the living room.

8. Painting a Mural

Children can paint on the wall where the picture is projected.

Being Creative with BenQ Projectors

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