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Find a BenQ monitor for your M1/M2/M3 Mac device

Full list of BenQ monitors compatible with the following Mac devices

PD2725U, PD3225U, PD3220U, PD3420Q, PD2705U, PD2705UA, PD2706UA, PD3205U, PD3205UA, PD2506Q, PD2705Q,
SW240, SW242Q, SW270C, SW271C, SW321C, SW272U, and SW272Q.

M1 chip M2 chip M3 chip

iPad Air M1, MacBook Pro 14"(M2 Pro 2023), MacBook Pro 16”(M2 Max 2023), MacBook Pro 13" (M2, 2022), MacBook Air 13" (M2, 2022), MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro, 2021),
MacBook Pro 16" (M1 Max, 2021), MacBook Pro 13" (M1, 2020), Mac mini (M1, 2020),
Mac Studio (M1 Ultra, 2021), MacBook Pro 14"(M2 Pro 2023), MacBook Pro 16"(M2 Max 2023), Mac mini, MacBook Pro 14", MacBook Pro 14", MacBook Pro 14"(M2), MacBook Pro 14"(M3, 2023), MacBook Pro 14"(M3 Pro, 2023), MacBook Pro 14"(M3 Max, 2023)

* 1. Test the following functions when connecting with USB C/HDMI/Thunderbolt: cable plug in/out, power on/off, sleep on/off, restart, and HDR on/off.

* 2. Mac Mini does not support USB Type-C power delivery via monitor.

* 3. Monitor may not wake from Display Sleep by using the keyboard when connected to the monitor USB hub.

Daisy Chain: connect multiple monitors for your various usage needs


*Monitor daisy chaining via DisplayPort MST isn’t available for the listed Mac devices.

Compatibility of Display Pilot/Display Pilot 2 and different Mac devices

BenQ DesignVue PD series designer monitors currently support Apple M1, M2, and M3-based devices natively when using Display Pilot software version or later.

mac mini

USB-C power delivery to neatly run and recharge devices

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