There's no audio output from my speakers when connected to the projector using eARC. How can I fix this?



Please refer to the following troubleshooting steps to fix audio issues related to eARC on your projector.

•Please check if the HDMI cable you are using supports ARC/eARC.
•If the cable does not support ARC/eARC, please change to an HDMI cable that supports ARC/eARC.
•If the cable supports ARC/eARC, please go to step 2.

•Please check if the HDMI ports on your projector and your device both support ARC/eARC.
•If they don’t, please change to HDMI ports which support ARC/eARC
•If ARC/eARC is supported, please go to step 3.

•Please make sure that both Electronics Control and Audio Return are enabled on the projector.
•If Electronics Control and Audio Return are not enabled, please enable Electronics Control and Audio Return on the projector.
•If they are already enabled, please go to step 4.

•Please check whether the audio format you would like to use is supported by your speaker.
•If the audio format is not supported, please contact the manufacturer of your speaker.
•If the audio format is supported, please contact BenQ with the following information for further investigation if there is still no audio from your speakers even after following all the above steps.

Settings for ARC/eARC on the BenQ projector, input source device, and audio output device.
How devices and the projector are connected.
Model numbers of video source device and audio output device.
Cable length and material.
Audio format from input source.
Media platform of input source.
Firmware version running on the projector.

Applicable Models

TK700STi, W1800i

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