How Glamping is Even Better with an Outdoor Projector?


You want to enjoy the camping experience in style and with some luxury, and so you choose the path of glamping. Glamorous camping is great, but can be made even greater. With a few enhancements and additions, regular camping upscales to glamping and beyond, incorporating elements that until recently were almost impossible outside of the home.


Add a portable projector to your setup, and you’ll get so much more from the time you spend camping, or rather glamping. The best part is that portable projectors don’t cost that much, nor do they detract from the natural and different feel you’re looking for when camping. Compact, modest, but definitely eye-popping, good portable projectors aren’t like leaving the campsite to sit in an air conditioned movie theater. Rather, they bring the movies to nature. 

A family dancing to a projection on a tent with a portable projector when glamping

Camping vs. Glamping: A Rising Trend

Traditional camping started when humans naturally lived out in the open under the stars, and has been with us since. It’s minimalist and intended to get us away from technology and the bustle of daily life. However, with the inevitable advancement of portable technology and the enjoyment people get from access to diverse entertainment, a demand for more comfortable camping emerged over time. Increasingly, people want to balance experiences of nature and the traditional practices of camping with a touch of modern amenities, while bringing a taste of entertainment with them. And thus glamping was born, and continues to grow in popularity as people expect more from camping and now take access to movies, TV, and gaming while in the great outdoors almost for granted. 

Outdoor Portable Projectors Big Up the Fun

The flexible definition of glamping may cover watching movies or gaming on your smartphone, or perhaps huddled around a tablet or laptop PC. However, a portable projector designed for outdoors use makes a massive difference. Instead of a tiny image with no impact, you get a big and bright picture format worthy or the big outdoors.


It’s probably accurate to say we can all agree a large image projected onto a screen or the side of your camper van is more glamorous than a 6.7” smartphone screen, no matter how good. You can hardly lie in a hammock or sit back in easy chairs and watch a movie from twenty feet away if it’s playing on a 13” laptop. You can do all that and have your popcorn if the movie’s running off a portable projector that shoots out the fun onto a surface as big as you can find. Camped next to a barn? Well, a portable projector works wonders with a surface like that. 

Portables for Different Variables

Since portable projectors are light, compact, and durable, they’re easy to pack and work in any environment. Almost. We don’t recommend them for the Antarctic winter. Otherwise, if you’re in most places, they work great.


Even if you’re backpacking without a vehicle, a portable projector fits in your bags easily and doesn’t weigh you down. You can then enjoy movies and TV shows even in some pretty wild places, as long as there’s a surface to project onto, and that could be a rock face. The rocks won’t mind.


If you’re driving a camper van or RV, then we’ve talked about that before. The sides of these vehicles make for excellent screens, as most are white or light-colored. And if you choose to have your camping/glamping break at home, then outdoor portable projectors work excellently in your backyard to create superb movie watching and gaming marathons.


There’s almost no place where a portable projector can’t work. If we hear of anyone using them in space, we’ll let you know! 

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