How Can I Stream and Control Netflix from My Phone on a Portable Projector?


If you’re already using a portable projector, or maybe you’re thinking of getting one, then likely you’re curious about Netflix compatibility and functionality. It should be easy to have Netflix running on your phone and then pair your phone with the projector, so that you get Netflix (or other streaming apps) shown in the big screen format afforded by the projector. While our focus here applies to portable projectors like the BenQ GV1 and GS2, do note that most of this article also refers to home cinema projectors such as the BenQ TK850 and TK810.

There are several considerations to keep in mind, and we want to offer this troubleshooting guide to help. We’ll look at issues with streaming Netflix from phone to projector and also touch on wired connectivity concerns – as in, having Netflix work from a cable hooked up to the portable projector or from a media box or plug-in like Chromecast. We’ll also cover convenient ways to control apps directly from your phone.

Let’s take a look at a couple of commonly asked questions. 

How to connect BenQ portable projector GV1 and GS2 to watch Netflix and other streaming services

Why Can’t I Use Airplay or Google Cast to Stream Content from Phone to Projector?

Paid streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney Plus have copy protection that prevents mirroring from mobile devices due to policies enacted and enforced by content owners. Netflix content can be cast wirelessly via your laptop’s Google Chrome Browser or connect to an HDMI cable. Watch this video for how to cast Netflix via your laptop’s Google Chrome Browser.

Or you can plug a media device like an Apple TV or Chromecast to your projector via HDMI and use the apps installed on the media device. The same goes for game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Plug them via HDMI to the projector and then run the Netflix app installed on the console.

If you prefer simple setups with no additional devices beyond your projector, you can use the Aptoide TV platform that comes installed on selected projectors. Aptoide is an app store much like those found on Android or iOS, with several streaming apps available. As of this writing, the Aptoide TV store has versions of Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. However, as mentioned above, due to app developer and owner content policies some restrictions may still apply when mirroring.

Here’s a compatibility list of casting devices and streaming services.

compatible table for GS2 with netflix and streaming services

Is There any Way to Control Playback on the Portable Projector from My Phone?

Yes, definitely. We have the Smart Control app that you can download to your phone. The app replaces the physical remote control and keypad on the projector, and gives you control of projector functions directly from your smartphone. Since modern projectors have Wi-Fi, it’s all very easy. All you need to do is make sure your projector and phone are signed in to the same wireless network, so they can detect each other and communicate across devices. 

Download BenQ Smart Control from App Store / Google Play

We have a BenQ Smart Control app tutorial available right here:

There’s No Image When I Connect My Phone or Laptop to the Projector via USB-C

For this issue, the most important aspect of all is to make sure you’re using USB-C cables that support DisplayPort Alt Mode in order to deliver video. Your phone or laptop also need to support DisplayPort 1.2 or later with Alt Mode for USB-C video delivery. As the cable needs to support USB-C data carriage, not just power delivery. Cheaper USB-C cables only offer power delivery. Plugging them in will result in no image.

HDMI offers a much better alternative if you’re using a laptop, as all versions of HDMI carry video. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need a cable or converter that’ll switch from the source Lightning port to HDMI. While plenty of options exist on the market, do keep in mind every conversion step increases the odds of compatibility issues. We strongly suggest our customers buy cables with a Made for iPhone/iPad logo (MFi).


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