How to foster employee collaboration during business meetings with wireless presentation?


Meetings accentuate the “co” in “company” as they bring the team together. Nominally, meetings of all sizes exist to allow for things to get done. Every business and organization aspires to have effective and even enjoyable business meetings, but we all know reality can deviate from that goal more often than not, resulting in awkward conferences that may be counter-productive.


Of course, the managerial aspects of a company have a major impact on collaboration, but one facet that remains constant across all organizations is technology. The tools each team uses can greatly influence the quality of collaboration. The technology exists to support and enable cooperation and overcome challenges such as the increasing diversity of devices team members use to generate and access content while attending meetings. Wireless presentation systems work wonders in bridging connectivity gaps and removing technical hurdles to productivity. 


Meeting Mayhem

Let’s begin by stating an uncomfortable truth. Most of your employees have a deep-rooted suspicion of meetings due to a history of unproductive and unproductive experiences that lacked engagement and ended up being a waste of time in everything but name. Encumbered by bothersome meeting room equipment, conferences can quickly devolve into a spirit-sapping hassle for team members that already have plenty on their proverbial plates. The last thing they need is a projector that refuses to turn on or figuring out a way to share content from that one problematic laptop.


Many studies have shown that the majority of employees have serious complaints about meeting room equipment, even though the technology to resolve many of these issues exists. One notable pet peeve throughout the world has to be cables and connectors, and their notorious tendency to fail at connecting. While concrete data can be hard to come by, studies suggest up to half of the typical one-hour meeting may be spent on setup and on the spot planning, most likely due to inadequate equipment. That’s were wireless presentation systems come in to save the day.

Resolving Conference Conundrums

HDMI-enabled systems for wireless presenting such as BenQ InstaShow have been designed specifically to alleviate the above dilemmas and support smoother, effortless collaboration during meetings. Like other plug-n-play wireless technologies, InstaShow offers a dramatic simplification of collaborative logistics to provide a better work experience without generating new annoyances. Freed from the need to fuss over which plug goes where and how far each cable can reach, team members avoid frustration and focus on fruitful, enjoyable collaboration.


With wireless HDMI and nearly universal device compatibility, everyone that attends a meeting can be heard and share content without even getting up from their seat. Discussions become vastly more inclusive and inviting, and no employee need to feel left out or excluded, certainly not because of the type of device they brought to the meeting. Wireless presentation makes obvious sense like Wi-Fi or cellular phones. Cables and wires always get in the way and only belong behind the scenes. The question you should be asking is why you don’t already use wireless presentation at your office. 

BenQ InstaShow – Wireless Better at Connecting People

Our InstaShow devices all offer easy to use, low latency, exceedingly simple and effective wireless presentation via cable-free HDMI. Installation takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t require the help of an IT expert as it’s extremely straightforward. There’s no driver, no app, and no software interface. Any team member that can use a laptop will be able to operate an InstaShow system with no problem. 


Best of all, up to 16 sources such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be paired with one InstaShow device simultaneously, so you can have that many presenters sharing content at the same time for an expanded conversation. So, it’s time to unplug the old ways and leave cumbersome meetings in the past. Take a look at the future of collaboration right here and give your team the tools they need to work better together and have effective business meetings. 

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