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Safe. Simple. Secure.

The Perfect Wireless Screen Mirroring Solution for Collaboration

Connect an InstaShow button for instant screen mirroring to a projector or display from nearly any device. With strong encryption and no learning curve, the InstaShow is the plug-in and present choice for any size business.

InstaShow S Features Video
Switch Presenters Instantly - or Show Multiple Devices on the Same Screen

Tap an InstaShow button to instantly switch from one presenter to another, or use the InstaShow S to share everyone's ideas at the same time. Collaboration is easy with up to 4 users presenting from different devices at once..

From the beginning, the design of the InstaShow was built around two key principles - security and simplicity.

The goal: to enable a visitor to securely connect to a conference, meeting, or huddle room in less than 20 seconds without having to expose their device to any third party applications that could render it vulnerable.

Download our white paper to find out more.

Secure Wireless Presentations
Presentations start up quickly from anywhere in the room in three simple steps:

  • • Plug In
  • • Press one Button
  • • Present
  • The InstaShow also comes with two buttons, so switching to another presenter can be done quickly at the press of a button.

There are three common mistakes made when people make the transition to a wireless system.

  • • Believing that Wireless Presentation Systems are more expensive than cables
  • • Trusting that all Wireless Screen Mirroring systems are secure
  • • Assuming that software is required to use a wireless presentation system

    Wireless presentation systems are rapidly replacing traditional wired conference room systems. They are easier to use, require little installation, don't require messy cables on the table, and are much less expensive than a traditional control panel / AV Switcher.