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Toward a New Level of Adventure

Imagine a gaming world with no beginning, no end. Where you effortlessly wield your blade, crushing through enemy forces, and going farther than you thought possible. This is MOBIUZ.

Here, you will enjoy the ultimate gaming experience that never has to stop. The adventure begins with a belief that you can live your lives to the fullest by getting the most out of gameplay. MOBIUZ is also a commitment to total immersion in the game environment, where you, and your avatar, will never play the same way.

MOBIUZ: Become More Than You Imagined.

Never Settle for Less

MOBIUZ means craftsmanship and dedication to you. Like the endless Mobius strip, the MOBIUZ commitment to satisfaction never wavers. MOBIUZ Gaming Monitors are packed with bleeding-edge tech that take your game to the max. Pushing into your next adventure, the lineup features HDRi for amazing color, contrast, and detail, while BenQ’s unmatched treVolo speakers give stunning audio performance. Taken together, these make for an unmatched combination that is both visually and aurally immersive.

without HDRi
with HDRi
Uncompromised Immersion
HDRi: Optimized for Every Stage

HDRi immersive detail draws you into the game. A discrete sensor detects ambient light levels and assesses then adjusts on-screen HDR images so you see every detail. Customized color performance, detail contrast, and image clarity add intensity.

Intelligent Control

A nearly invisible sensor detects ambient light and on-screen content, then adjusts for the ideal display.

Stunning Clarity

BenQ proprietary HDRi improves image contrast and clarity for greater detail. Dark corners show what they’re hiding while bright areas are not overexposed.

Vivid Color

HDRi takes color to the next level of intensity. Color balance and saturation are adapted for a mind-blowing visual experience.

Unbeatable Audio

A full range of sound makes gaming that much more enjoyable. Well-defined tones from bass to treble intensify the experience. Industry-leading built-in speakers by treVolo create an excellent audio experience. You will be blown away by the immersive sound experience.

True Sound with treVolo

Tapping the sciences of acoustics and psychoacoustics, treVolo speakers create an audio-immersive wall of sound. Sound becomes your ally as you progress through treacherous quests, revealing much of what is hidden, and pushing you further toward your goal. The highest quality is assured thanks to BenQ experts’ insistence on balancing five sound qualities and offering sound settings that allow you to personalize your audio experience.

Designed for Gamers

With MOBIUZ, BenQ’s top design team has created a line of monitors that offer everything you need for premium gameplay. Packed with features that ensure smooth gameplay, optimize performance, and allow you to better enjoy everything happening on-screen, MOBIUZ is ready to help you take on today’s most challenging games.

Smooth Operator

The MOBIUZ is smooth and responsive. VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology, which eliminates tears and stuttering, means fluid on-screen action. Never again will you miss that enemy, that jump, that next level. With faster response time, the frustration of having your progress ruined by lag is a thing of the past.

Extra Boost

To take your gaming experience to the next level, MOBIUZ comes packed with game-assisting features so that you see your environment clearly and spot your enemies hiding in the dark and against any well tweaked background. These optimize MOBIUZ for intense gaming sessions.

Caring for Your Vision

BenQ’s industry-leading eye-care tech reduces the risk of eye strain, headaches, and fatigue while improving viewer comfort. Feel the difference right away!

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