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Monitors / Gaming Monitor

play in the total immersion benq mobiuz leads you to and the world had never been the same

Imagine a New Reality

Go ahead and enter a gaming world where you will discover a universe of infinite possibilities. Whoever you choose to be, just enjoy the ultimate gaming experience that never has to stop. Live your lives to the fullest, game until the end of the world. Play in the total immersion BenQ MOBIUZ leads you to and the world had never been the same.

Step into the Realm of New Reality
Find Out Your Gaming Needs:
enjoy the ultimate immersive gameplay benq mobiuz provides the very best visulaudio performance
Ultimate Gaming
Audio & Visuals
Enjoy 4K UHD immersive gameplay.
BenQ gaming monitor 4K EX3210U

32” / 4K
144Hz / 1ms

race with the expansive vision toward the finish line with benq mobiuz cruved & ultrawide gaming monitor
Expansive Field
of View
Race with the expansive vision toward the finish line.

31.5” | QHD | 165Hz | 1ms| 1000R

34” | WQHD | 144Hz | 1ms | VA

benq mobiuz gaming monitor comes with smooth game visuals
Smooth Game Visuals
Smooth images are a must.

27” | QHD | 165Hz | 1ms | IPS

27” | QHD | 165Hz | 1ms | 1000R

27” | FHD | 165Hz | 1ms | IPS

benq mobiuz gaming monitor comes with exclusive technology for best immersion experience
MOBIUZ Immersion, Exclusive Technology
Dedicated HDRi

HDRi immersive detail draws you into the game.

True Sound by treVolo

Sound becomes your ally as you progress through quests.

Game-oriented aid

You can have everything you need for premium gameplay.

personalize your game style any time with benq mobiuz gaming monitor

Geared for Gaming

Personalize your game style any time, any way you want. We make it just that easy.
benq’s industry-leading eye-care tech reduces eye strain headaches and fatigue while improving viewer comfort

Easy on the Eyes

BenQ’s industry-leading Eye-Care tech reduces the risk of eye strain, headaches, and fatigue while improving viewer comfort. Feel the difference right away!

BenQ MOBIUZ Console Compatibility

Console FHD Monitor QHD Monitor UHD Monitor
Xbox Series S
1440p/ 1080p 16:9 120Hz
Xbox Series X
2160p/ 1440p/ 1080p 16:9 120Hz
PlayStation 5
2160p/ 1080p 16:9 120Hz
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