BenQ Dust-Proof Laser Projector

What Is a Laser Projector?

Learn how BenQ uses laser's to create a long lasting, consistent, high-quality image over the lifespan of the projector

Why are Laser Projectors better than Lamp Projectors?

By using a laser light engine, BenQ will help you save money on lamps and time on maintenance

Why BenQ Chose DLP Over LCD for Laser Projectors

DLP provides a long lasting image that won't yellow over time

What is color accuracy?

Learn why accurate color is important in everything from watching movies to giving presentations

How to Choose a Laser Projector

What is the best 4,000 lumen laser projector for the classroom?

Learn why BenQ's dust-proof interactive laser projectors will give you the lowest overall cost, best color, and great durability


Best 5000 lumen  laser projector alternatives

What are the best 5000 lumen Epson laser projector alternatives?

Learn how color accuracy, a sharp image, and dust-proofing helps make BenQ's projectors stand out

DLP vs 3LCD for Large Venue Projectors

Learn how dustproofing on our DLP projectors will help give you the lowest maintenance and operating costs

Color Accuracy or Color Brightness

Learn about the differences and why one may be better than the other for your needs