The Three Reasons You Need a Laser Projector in Your Conference Room

  • BenQ
  • 2019-05-07

If you’re in the market for a first projector or replacing old office projectors, you know it’s easy to get lost in the oceans of arcane technical specs. To simplify your decision, we’d like to tell you the 3 reasons you should choose laser projectors:

Reason 1: Accurate Color Equals Better Meetings

When image quality is poor, employees have trouble focusing. One study showed that frustrations with display quality could reduce motivation and effort while also increasing anxiety. That’s why it’s important to use projectors that produce bright, accurate color. Studies have shown that presentations with colorful content and plentiful visual aids can help employees retain information 82% more effectively. Projectors with BlueCore laser technology can offer increased Rec. 709 gamut coverage and provide true color reproduction. BlueCore technology can also ensure that projected images look exactly the same as they do on laptop screens, thereby making communication more clear and efficient.

Reason 2: More Control over Your Meeting Time

One survey found that 69% of presentation teams have encountered technical issues in the meeting room and that, on average, those problems took over 30 minutes to solve. Hardware issues make it hard for people to control how much time they spend on meetings and in many cases create awkwardness. One study showed that tech issues in meetings could cost a company with 250 employees over $250,000 a year in lost productivity. That’s why reliable laser projectors are essential for boosting productivity and lowering the frequency of meeting-time issues. Laser projectors power up and shut down swiftly, helping ensure meeting don’t run over time. And if you need to boot up the projector again to show one last image after turning it off, there’s no need to wait – it will power back on immediately!

Reason 3: Long-Term, Cost-Reducing Performance

Finally there’s the issue of consumable cost. Although laser projectors require a higher initial investment, in the long run laser technology is virtually guaranteed to lower TCO. After accounting for the base price and the cost of replacement bulbs, a lamp-based projector of comparable lumen output will cost twice as much to operate and maintain over the course of its life. And that’s not even accounting for associated labor costs – one study showed that an organization with 400 projectors could spend up to 7.5 man-weeks every year just replacing bulbs. By eliminating these recurring costs, laser projectors achieve lower TCO.

It’s for these three reasons that BenQ Corporate Laser Projectors are the best meeting solution. BlueCore technology delivers excellent color performance for clear images and infographics, cutting edge dust-proofing offers improved durability, and compatibility with BenQ’s exclusive InstaShow wireless presentation system simplifies presentations and saves everyone’s time. By incorporating these features are more, BenQ Corporate laser projectors help employees be more confident in meetings and increase their efficiency and productivity.