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Wireless Presentation / InstaShow™ Plug-n-Play Wireless Presentation Solution / InstaShow™ S WDC20

Plug and Play Mobile Device Compatible Wireless Presentation Device for Collaboration | InstaShow™ S WDC20

  • No Software Installation and No Driver Execution

  • Mobile Device Wireless Presentation Compatibility for Collaborations up to 32 persons

  • 4 Split-Screen Wireless Projection to Accelerate Decision Making

$ 1299

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BenQ InstaShow wireless presentation system freeing you from cables and adapters
Instant Screen Mirroring and Collaboration

InstaShow S has zero learning curve, so you can use it in your daily routine and start sharing immediately with your own mobile devices. InstaShow S also allows employees and visitors to enjoy setup-free wireless presenting, leading to instant teamwork and immediate results. Morever, InstaShow S’s advanced security features can protect the hard-won intellectual property that is essential to your company’s bottom line.

Intuitive Design

Just plug-n-play and no driver needed. Click the button to project an image directly.

Flexible Presentations

Customized modes for versatile and uninterrupted presentations to boost meeting efficiency.

Smooth Video Play

A router-level chipset supports higher network bandwidth which delivers reliable and stable video streaming.

Overall Security

AES 128-bit with the WPA2 and the internal connection channels isolation reach elevated level of security.

How InstaShow Improve Your Meeting? View demo!
How InstaShow S Improve Your Meeting? View demo!
InstaShow S's Industry-leading Intuitive Design
Industry-leading Intuitive Design
One Button to Start

With no driver needed, InstaShow ensures that its users can start the meeting by plug-n-play. Click the button to project an image directly and provide a considerate LED design to show connection status.

Powerful Compatibility on Any Platform

Invite your guest to join the meeting with his own mobile devices. Present with any impromptu materials to win any negotiation.

InstaShow exclusive algorithms for smooth video play with FHD videos
Advanced Algorithms for Smooth Video Play
Router-level Chipset Inside

Qualcomm Technologies offer higher network bandwidth for smooth video streaming.

Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Standard

High-throughput to ensure smooth wireless FHD video streaming for no stuttering.

Low latency Performance

InstaShow S offers 1080P and up to 60 FPS makes it especially fit to play high resolution slides and Full HD videos smoothly.

InstaShow with customized projection modes for versatile presentations
Agile Collaborations via Various Devices
Share the Idea in One Click

Streamline a collaborative meeting by clicking the Button and you can have your teammates jump in to contribute to the discussion without interruptive plug-out and plug-in of cables.

Split Screen to Conduct Sync Discussions

Sync discussions are made possible for up to 4 presenters can share their content on one screen. Accelerate decision making and shorten meetings with InstaShow S.

Touch Back to Manage the Meeting

Touch the screen and you can manage your presentation and impress your audience at the same time. Via a touch screen, you can hold your audience’s attention without switching back and forth between the display and your laptop.

InstaShow S's Premium Security and Efficiency
Premium Security and Efficiency

InstaShow S passed CVSS 3.0 standards tested by an ISO27001 & ISO17025 certified security lab to protect info-security. A black box approach is executed to simulate an external hacking or cyber-attacks, ensuring your corporate intelligent properties will be well safeguarded.

All-hardware Solution 

InstaShow S starts with the core concept of an all-hardware solution. With the industry-leading technology which requires no software* for installation and no driver for execution, InstaShow S blocks the potential routes for the penetration of malware, viruses, or external threats.

*InstaShare app required for split screen and mobile device projection.

HDCP Adoption

Using HDMI protocol channel to deliver HDCP-encrypted content, InstaShow S makes it secure to prevent any transmitted digital content from being copied. Presenters can thus connect their own devices to the HDCP-compatible InstaShow S without security issues.

Elevated-level Security Protection

AES 128-bit security encryption and the WPA2 authentication protocol ensure that any intellectual properties remain private and safe from tampering or unintended disclosure, guaranteeing that presentations are absolutely secure.

Autonomous Network

InstaShow S offers a standalone network which can transmit data securely even without connecting to your company intranet. This design will prevent traffic flowing over Wi-Fi from being intercepted and valuable data from being stolen in an insecure Wi-Fi environment. Your guest speakers can bring their own devices to present without security concerns.

InstaShow's Industry-Leading Connection Quality Testing
Industry-Leading Connection Quality Testing

Connection retention from any relative position.


Quality stable transmission over varied distances.


Product durability guaranteed over extended lifetime.


Ensures smooth connections with no crosstalk disruption.

Find the Best InstaShow for You

Product Name


InstaShow S
Product Name
Model No.


WDC10 / WDC10C

InstaShow S
Product Name
User Scenario


1. Project one picture at one time
2. Presenters make a presentation in turn
InstaShow S
1. Project up to four pictures at one time(split-screen)
2. A collaboration meeting is needed
3. Screen mirroring via mobile devices(Android, iOS handsets)
Product Name
Max. User Count


16 people
InstaShow S
32 people
Product Name
Supported Video Resolution



InstaShow S
Product Name


WPA2, AES-128 bit
InstaShow S
WPA2, AES-128 bit
Connected Channel Isolation
Product Name
Video-input Device


WDC10: Devices with an HDMI port;

WDC10C: Devices with a USB-C* port

InstaShow S

Devices with an HDMI port;
Android devices;
iOS devices

Product Name
Video-output Device


Projectors/TV/Monitor with an HDMI input port
InstaShow S
Projectors/TV/Monitor/IFP with an HDMI input port
Product Name
Optional Accessary


InstaShow HDMI Button Kit;

InstaShow USB-C Button Kit

InstaShow S
Product Name


* A USB-C port must support DisplayPort Alternate Mode so that video streaming would be functional.
InstaShow S

BenQ Lauded for its Commitment to Information Security with ISO27001 Certification. InstaShow Presentation Solution Perfectly Exemplifies the Company’s Rigorous Information Security Standards.