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Michael B Rehders
Portraits, People, Fashion, Stills and journalistic photography / Germany

German photographer Michael B. Rehders who has been specializing in portrait and event photography for various media and clients. His journey of photography goes through Europe and Asia and he is also a celebrated and established instructor giving principles of photography to the creative minds.

Michael B. Rehders was born in Hamburg, Germany. Since 1996 he has been working as photographer and journalist for several international clients. While Michael covers various categories of photography, he specializes in taking portraits, pictures of events and pictures for the press.

Journeys through Europe and Asia add to the number of pictures for the daily press, life style magazines and stock photo agencies.

Since 2010 Michael B. Rehders has been testing entertainment products for various magazines. To ensure that he always tests the latest AV equipment – with a focus on “projectors” –, Michael visits major international fairs and product presentations at home and abroad, some of which are held exclusively for journalists.

“Very early I came to understand that colours a not a matter of taste. Only if all persons involved in the process of a picture – that means photographers, graphic artists, and printers – adhere to the valid standards, the beholder gets to see the picture exactly as I envisaged it.” – Michael B. Rehders, Hamburg 2016

After a first workshop in 2013, Michael B. Rehders regularly runs workshops for agencies und publishers in which he teaches authors, writers, and students the basic principles of photography.
Publications of Michael can be found in „DER SPIEGEL“, „BILD“, „Gala“, „IN TOUCH“, „Digital PHOTO“, „lite-Magazin“ and „CIGAR“

„A portrait should show a person as it is – but it may emphasize the best in him/her.“ – Michael B. Rehders, Hamburg 1996

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