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Dong Dong

BenQ expert Dong Dong

Photographer / China

Dong Dong is a 2018 winner of the China Photography Awards and an expert in black and white landscape photography.

Dong Dong (Shao Jian), born in Zhangjiakou, went to the United States for further studies in the 1990s, obtained a master's degree in computer science, and settled in San Francisco, California, United States. Due to his experience growing up since childhood, he has a unique understanding and affection for natural scenery. In the early 1990s, he began to pick up a camera and use photography to record the beauty of nature. From then to today, he has continued to pursue and explore photography technology and art. In 2005, he founded "Shaojian Image Studio" in the United States, and returned to China the following year to become a freelance photographer, focusing on the post-processing output of digital images. Since 2014, he has been teaching in the Photography Department of the School of Art and Design of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (later transferred to the School of Fashion Communication). In 2018, he won the China Photography Awards, the highest personal achievement award in photography.


Today, with the rapid development of digital imaging, Dong Dong has studied with famous contemporary American photographer Charles Cramer, digital imaging authority Bill Atkinson, Michael Reichmann, and so on. After learning and absorbing the traditional landscape photography concepts of the West Coast exquisite realistic school represented by Adams, combined with today's advanced digital imaging technology, Dong Dong explored a set of post-image processing production processes and digital darkroom large-format black and white and color classics Craft theory of release printing. Rigorous artistic attitude and delicate expression techniques have gradually formed his unique artistic style. After 2007, he has held many photography exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as many personal books. His works are often featured in image software companies, mainstream magazines, and commercial advertisements. 

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