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world photo



World Photography Day


Celebrated on August 19th, World Photography Day is an annual and worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography. On this special day, photographers are invited to share a single photo that captures their unique perspective of the world.

world photo



2023 World Photography Day

Embrace the Asymmetry with BenQ Smart Lighting


world photo

In a world obsessed with symmetry, it's the asymmetry that truly sets us apart, making each of us unique and irreplaceable.
We recognized the strong appeal of asymmetry, and thus in 2017, we introduced ScreenBar, the world's first monitor lighting solution. By adopting asymmetrical optics, ScreenBar eliminates direct light on your screen, reducing eye strain while illuminating your surroundings.
Now, we're celebrating asymmetry with a one-month campaign, partnering with 9 talented photographers to showcase the beauty of asymmetries in daily life.


Vote for a Chance to Win a ScreenBar!

Celebrate World Photography Day with us and the featured 9 amazing photographers

We invite you to become an active participant in this celebration by voting for your favorite photo capturing the beauty of asymmetry. Simply fill out the form and submit your vote for a chance to win a ScreenBar or ScreenBar Plus in our giveaway.

*The photographers are listed in alphabetical order.

Vote Now!



ScreenBar x1

ScreenBar Plus x1

*Winners will be contacted via email they provided by Sep 20th.


Got Inspired? Post Yours and Win More Prizes!

Capture the beauty of asymmetry and get a chance to win one of the incredible prizes!

Post Event Prizes

We are thrilled to collaborate with like-minded companies who share our passion for photography, and who are equally committed to supporting photographers in every aspect of their work.

*The sponsors are listed in alphabetical order



ScreenBar Halo


BenQ ScreenBar Halo is an essential tool for photographers who spend extended hours editing and reviewing photos on their computer screens. Featuring asymmetrical optics, ScreenBar Halo provides focused illumination without any screen glare. Notably, it has been tested and found to have no impact on screen calibration. With its integrated backlight and high-end wireless controller, you can easily customize the lighting settings to your preferences, ensuring an optimal working environment for your photography tasks.



e-Reading Desk Lamp & desk clamp


BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp is a premium lighting solution that caters perfectly to the needs of photographers. Its wide lighting coverage and high CRI (Ra95) guarantee accurate color representation, enabling photographers to achieve optimal lighting conditions and color accuracy for photo editing and reviewing. Additionally, for photographers with a laptop-only setup, it can be conveniently used with a desk clamp, saving valuable desk space.



FALCAM F22 Camera Quick Release Handheld Kit

(Camera cage + top hand grip + side hand grip) x1

FALCAM F22 Camera Quick Release Handheld Kit features a camera quick release system with various mounts for accessories. The kit contains a stable cage that provides full-enclosed protection for the camera body. The non-slip, sweat-absorbing handles offer comfortable grip and enable smooth lens movement in different shooting scenarios.



Me AI-Powered Selfie Smartphone Mount


OBSBOT Me is an AI-powered phone mount perfect for live streaming, vlogging, and conference calls. It features auto-tracking, gesture control, and a portable design that takes your content creation to the next level.



OneGo Air Backpack


ONEGO Air Backpack features a clamshell opening for easy access, a side access pocket for quick gear retrieval, a dedicated compartment for a laptop, and splash-proof material for added protection. Stylish and functional, it's the perfect companion for on-the-go photographers.



Rules of Participation


Instagram upload period:
August 7th – September 15th

Winner Announcement:
September 20th



The Beauty of Asymmetry – Capture the beauty the asymmetry through the lens of your camera


Rules of participation:

1. Each participant must post the photo on Instagram and mention @benq_lighting.

2. The Instagram post must include the hashtag #BeYourselfWithBenQ. You’re welcome to include #screenbarpassion and #worldphotographyday as well.

3. Follow @benq_lighting on Instagram.

4. Multiple entries are allowed as long as they are related to the theme.

5. Disqualified entries (including but not limited to the following):

a. Images that contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, dis criminatory (based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orienta tion, or age), racist, bigoted, slanderous, libelous, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.

b. Images that are illegible, false, altered, reconstructed, forged, or tampered, as well as automatically generated by AI or any software or completed by third parties.

c. Images that are not original work and not related to the event theme.

6. This post event is open to the United States and Canada residents.

7. Winners will be announced on September 20th, 2023 on Instagram @benq_lighting page and will be contacted via Instagram’s Direct Message. Winners must reply within 48 hours upon notification. If we do not receive a response within this time frame, we will select an alternative winner.

world photo

BenQ ScreenBar Halo:

The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Photographers  

Editing photos in dimly lit environments can cause eyestrain and headaches due to high screen contrast.

BenQ ScreenBar Halo, a lamp perfect for screen reading, is the ultimate solution. Its asymmetrical optics illuminates only the working area without causing screen glare or affecting color calibration.

High CRI (Ra>95)


Prints are displayed in true colors

Built-in Backlight


Reduces eye strain and balances contrast



Detects and adjusts lighting in real time

Wireless Controller


Easy brightness and color temperature adjustments




See How Experts Enjoy Using BenQ ScreenBar Halo



“This is one of those accessories that just makes your setup look 10 times better.”

-Luis Hernandez



“As a photographer I wouldn’t settle for less when it comes to lighting my photos, so why should I settle for less when it comes to proper eye care when working late hours editing at my desk?”

-Ellis Reed



“It is crucial to have a good lighting at the workspace that won’t cause any unwanted reflections or color casting on your monitor. If you’re looking for a quality lamp for your desk, BenQ ScreenBar Halo is the way to go!”

-Michał Karpa

Check Out our Interview with a Professional Photographer

concept artist henry wong

Simon Turnbull

Landscape Photographer


“I get a sense that ScreenBar Halo just makes my eyes less tired at the end of the day and enjoy turning it on when I get into the office.”


Based in Hertfordshire, UK, Simon Turnbull is a landscape photographer who creates inspiring and thoughtful images of intimate landscapes, nature, and travel scenes. He discovered his love for photography growing up in the Lake District, UK, and has since developed a strong passion for it. He was the “Your View” category winner of Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2022 and was awarded Top 101 in International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021.


Explore More about BenQ's Dedication to Photographers

BenQ SW240 PhotoVue Monitor:

A Premium Brand You Can Trust


Winner of the TIPA award, the BenQ PhotoVue photography monitor series is widely trusted amongst photographers and videographers worldwide. Equipped with proprietary AQCOLOR technology, every monitor undergoes individual factory calibration to ensure exceptional color quality and precision.
Certified by Technicolor and features 99% Adobe RGB color coverage, 100% sRGB, Delta E≤2 and 100% Rec. 709 color gamut for true color accuracy. The dedicated hotkey button making it easy to switch between different color modes.




How does lighting matter?

Take a few minutes to read our knowledge articles and explore the importance of proper lighting.

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