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Show your creative side with the AQCOLOR X Huion Four Elements design contest

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Beyond Expertise


The Road to Professionalism



Unveiling the secrets behind expertise with BenQ Smart Lighting


The brightest solution for screen reading


BenQ Smart Lighting has aimed to provide lighting that combines technology and aesthetics, as well as to offer proper eye care from every aspect. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional lighting experience to individuals across various fields.
Created by BenQ Smart Lighting team, "Beyond Expertise: The Road to Professionalism" is a long-term project in which we invite experts to share their career experience, their work mindset, and how BenQ lighting products have helped with them.



How has BenQ Smart Lighting been helpful?


For people who are looking for a proper lighting to enhance their productivity and ergonomics, we provide different products that perfectly meet their needs.


e-Reading Desk Lamp Series

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This Month’s Feature

Discover the secrets behind the experts' pursuit of excellence in their respective fields



concept artist henry wong

Arran Baker

Cinematic Animator


"There is no glare with the ScreenBar Halo. It definitely helps prevent eye strain and fatigue. When it gets dark it’s a lot easier to light up my desk so I can make sure that I can work comfortably and efficiently."


As a cartoon enthusiast, Arran Baker started his animation career with children’s TV show animation in 2015. Following this, he has worked at several notable studios, such as Jellyfish Pictures, Blue Zoo, and Sony Pictures Imageworks. Arran has successfully made his way into multiple Netflix TV shows and later joined animation teams for some popular featured films. Now he works on video game animation and devotes himself to his YouTube channel where he shares knowledge about animation.



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Check out how ScreenBar has become a great addition to individuals from diverse backgrounds


Henry Wong


Concept Artist


Salman Chishti


Product Manager


Robin Moffatt


Developer Experience Engineer


Simon Turnbull


Landscape Photographer


Erh-Hsiung Chow


Hardware Engineer


Scott Hanselman


Program Manager



Recommended Product by the Professionals


ScreenBar Halo

A light that knows and cares you the most


BenQ ScreenBar Halo stands as a groundbreaking lighting solution specifically designed to meet the demands of those who prioritize precision and accuracy in their work. With its high Color Rendering Index (CRI) surpassing Ra95, ScreenBar Halo ensures exceptional color representation without any compromise to screen calibration.
Its advanced asymmetrical optical design guarantees that no light is directed towards the screen, providing focused illumination exclusively to the workspace. Say goodbye to eye strain and distractions as ScreenBar Halo elevates your work to unprecedented levels of excellence.


Most Loved Features among Users

Explore some of the key features that set ScreenBar Halo apart


Zero Screen Glare


Wide Illumination


Exclusive Backlight


Wireless Controller


Real-time Auto-dimming


brightness and color temperature


High Compatibility
with Monitors



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How does lighting matter?


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