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Create a cohesive work environment with
X-Sign digital signage

Build your brand identity and keep teams up to date with the latest info
by turning your displays into corporate billboards. 

New Templates
Templates for Restaurants

Quick and effective promotions. X-Sign offers hundreds of templates for menu boards and promotional visuals so you can deliver eye-catching content

Templates for Corporate

Create attractive content like design master. X-Sign provides templates for professional communication that allows you to create attractive content as easily as a designer.

Templates for Education

X-Sign provides templates for campus, speech information, and announcements. Here you can easily make announcement information board for teachers and students.

Templates for Retails

Enrich your customer's in-store experience by bringing enhanced visual display into your retail stores

Templates for Service

X-Sign provides diversified templates for services, including restaurants, gyms, hospitals, banks, etc. You can easily create any message you want to deliver.

How to Setup Templates
Download Templates

Choose a suitable template, click to download to your device and unzip the file

Open File

Open X-Sign Designer, click to open the old file and select the .xml file in the document you just downloaded.

Create Content

After opening, you can use this template to start making content

Create interactive content with just a few clicks.