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Security recommendations for using BenQ Smart Projectors


To ensure the security of your personal information and files when using the BenQ Smart Projector, we recommend following these security recommendations:

Firstly, it is important to log in to your BenQ AMS account on the projector. This will allow you to easily log out of the AMS account, ensuring that all of your viewing history and downloaded files will be blocked from the next user.

Secondly, if you have pulled any files from your personal drive onto the projector, simply press the "clear" key on the remote control to completely remove them.

In case you accidentally switch off the projector without logging out, don't worry - it will automatically log you out when shut down.* 

* Please note that when the projector's network standby mode is activated, shutting down may not log you out (An auto log out feature is expected to be available via OTA update in July 2024).

Applicable Models

EH700, EW805ST, EU610ST, EX605

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