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What are the Pre-loaded apps for BenQ Smart Projector EH700, EW805ST and EX605?


EH700, EW805ST and EX605 come equipped with Android 9. Users are able to use the pre-loaded apps below in the projector to enhance their PC-less projector experience.

1. WPS Office: Supports Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF files.

2. AMS: Connects to your Google Drive or any other cloud services with enhanced account security.

3. BenQ App Store: Allows you to download your preferred apps such as Kahoot!

4. BroadcastSetting: Pushes your messages or announcements onto the projector.

5. DMS Client: Syncs your projector status to the BenQ DMS app on your mobile phone.

6. BenQ User Dashboard: Allows you to check real-time updates of your smart projector’s status.

7. Firefox (to be changed to Chromium in Jul. 2024): Unlocks the full potential of your PC-less experience by accessing popular web applications such as YouTube, Google Classroom, and more.

8. InstaShare 2: Supports BenQ InstaShare 2 Screen Mirroring app on both Android phones and iOS devices.

9. Meeting: Runs video conferences.

10. Notification: Accesses push notifications directly on the smart projector.

11. EZWrite 6*: Integrates a PointWrite Kit with the projector to unlock the interactive display board features.

*Only available on EW805ST. Users can connect EW805ST to the PointWrite Kit PW03. 

Applicable Models

EX605, EW805ST, EH700, EU610ST

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