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How Smart Signage Displays Improve Meetings in Transportation

Public transportation is on the fast track. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the growth of public transit passenger miles has eclipsed that of vehicle miles traveled over the past two decades. Public transportation includes bus systems, bus-rapid transit, paratransit, water-borne services, subways, light rail, streetcars and other urban and passenger rail networks.

The transportation industry faces many challenges in keeping services running smoothly and safe, including scheduling, accidents, security, crime, overseeing a wide-spread network, 24/7 monitoring capabilities, the welfare of passengers and drivers, environmental conditions, and more. While transportation control rooms are outfitted with video walls to provide the main hub for fast, high-level visualization and decision making, staff meetings for ongoing planning, logistics, and safety are another critical element to ensuring smooth services.

Challenges for Transportation Meetings

Nothing derails a meeting quite like ineffective, complex technology. It’s estimated that 8 minutes are wasted just getting started and that screen sharing can rob an additional 5 more minutes. In the bustling world of transportation, every minute is critical to good service, whether it’s the bus system, rapid transit, paratransit, water-borne services, subways, light rail, streetcars and other urban and passenger rail networks. However, there are many areas of concerns — such as scheduling, accidents, security, crime, overseeing a wide-spread network, 24/7 monitoring capabilities, the welfare of passengers and drivers, environmental conditions, and more — that must be addressed quickly to stay on schedule and operational.

To keep up with those needs, as well as those for regular planning, logistics, and safety meetings, transportation organizations must overcome technological barriers that can impede productivity. They require contactless smart display solutions that: present wirelessly, are video-conference-enabled, and have built-in collaboration tools. BenQ’s new CS Series smart signage displays are built on the company’s expertise in display, wireless presentation, video conferencing, and collaboration technology.

Video Conferencing

The transportation industry often relies on collaboration with teams from other dispatch centers, departments, and offices. Video conferencing is a great, efficient solution for addressing this need and for supporting social distance requirements in the wake of COVID-19.

The CS Series display is built for arising and future video conferencing trends. It is compatible with many mainstream video-conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and Cisco Webex. What’s more, it is available with everything organizations need to make the operation and management of meeting rooms as easy and simple as possible. The all-in-one CS Series bundle features BenQ’s new enterprise-grade DVY22 smart 4K conference camera, Meeting Room 365 license to quickly and easily reserve rooms right from the display; and a Wi-Fi dongle. An optional OPS unit is available at a discounted rate for plug-and-play functionality. 

Robust Presentations Are Delivered Across Multiple Sources.

The CS Series is a smart hub that goes beyond the traditional display in order to complement today’s content-heavy meetings. Leveraging BenQ’s InstaShare 2 wireless presentation system, up to nine participants can present at a time with up to four user screens being displayed on the CS simultaneously. With InstaShare 2, there’s no need to switch back and forth between users or pass an HDMI cable around the room. In addition, it supports Miracast and Airplay for flexible screen sharing.

Users can also easily drive meetings with the display’s intuitive remote control. It can be used as a clicker to select, open, or move items on screen; a cursor to create and enter information; and as an annotation and recording device. By logging into their personal BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS), users can get started right away and with zero preparation or without having to use a separate device, such as a laptop or mobile device. They can open files from their chosen cloud services, including Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365, and more, right from the screen.


There can be a lot of ground to cover in meetings. Often, meeting goers will take notes and annotations by hand that must be input digitally at a later date. But there’s always a chance something might be lost in translation or forgotten. Digital annotation and whiteboard tools are a proven effective tool for taking immediate notes everyone can see and discuss, which can speed up the meeting and decision-making process. That’s why BenQ’s CS Series takes a page from its highly successful CP Series Interactive Flat Panel. The new smart signage display also features BenQ’s EZ Write cloud-based whiteboard application. Using a unique QR code, anyone can join the whiteboard session, adding their notes and media on the screen and allow them to import pertinent documents from cloud storage. In co-creation mode, everyone has an opportunity to provide input and feedback from their mobile device.

Collaboration Has Never Been Easier.

Digital signage is increasingly deployed to provide routes, schedules, and alerts — information that may need to hit other screens in the organization. The CS Series uniquely features BenQ’s X-Sign and X-Sign Broadcast digital signage creation, scheduling, and publishing software. This allows the CS display to double as a digital signage system without purchasing separate digital signage displays and streaming systems or paying ongoing fee-based contracts.

Driven for Smooth Operation

Transportation operations can’t leave anything up to chance. The versatile BenQ CS Series smart signage display complements service workflows and addresses all technology needs so that meetings can run more smoothly — and on time.

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