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Digital displays provide the simplest solution for operators to keep travelers informed and entertained. BenQ’s digital display solutions, including Smart Signage, BlueCore Laser Projectors and Flicker-free Monitors, are designed to streamline operations and ultimately enhance the airport experience with a variety of real-time content and visual entertainment.

How BenQ Display Solutions can amaze tourists in the airport
● Adopt Smart Signage with X-Sign to create top-notch check-in counter displays, making it easy for travelers to find up-to-date flight and boarding gate information. Content scheduling and monitoring can all be controlled remotely via the internet, greatly saving extra manpower and resources for airport operation
● BenQ’s Bluecore Laser projectors are painstakingly engineered to deliver high-brightness output, superior image quality and robust reliability. Offering dynamic installation options, these projectors provide operators with great flexibility to excite travelers and increase the impact of sponsored messages
● Improve productivity and workplace efficiency with Flicker-free Monitors, providing a vision-friendly environment that lets staff focus on their work
Smart Signage
All-in-One Solution for Attention-grabbing Digital Menu Boards
Built-In X-Sign Content Management Software

With X-Sign, smart signage can show bar customers what they need, when they need it. Over 100 built-in templates let bar operators create inspiring promotional content, and use advanced content scheduling to arrange playback times remotely via the Internet. These features empower operators to enrich bar experience with every kind of content, including menu showcases, live sports, and interactive games, without the need for extra manpower or complex server setup and maintenance.

4K2K Ultra High Resolution

BenQ’s 4K2K (3840x2160) ultra high resolution Smart Signage is guaranteed to deliver crystal clear images with four times the pixel density of other Full HD digital signage, providing unmatched visual impact when showcasing cocktail menus, event information, or live entertainment.

Easy, Flexible Installation

With a slim, lightweight design that boasts a stylish look, BenQ’s Smart Signage can be easily mounted as check-in counter displays or arranged for advertising purposes in high-traffic areas, assuring 4K UHD information will draw customers’ attention at the right place and right time.

BlueCore Laser Projector
Captivating Visual Communication Delivered with Superior Image Quality and Enduring Reliability
High Lumen Ultra-high Brightness for Large Venues

By combining a solid-state BlueCore Laser module with innovative DLP technology, BlueCore Laser Projectors are engineered to produce unrivaled high-lumen brightness. This allows airport operators to relay real-time flight information with attention-grabbing clarity and legibility even in a well-lit environment. To harness the high output of BlueCore laser light, the dual color wheels are fully integrated to produce flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance and fidelity.

Edge Blending Support for Seamless Larger-than-life Images

Edge blending support provides the ultimate solution for connecting multiple projections with consistent color and brightness. This empowers operators to impress travelers with astoundingly huge images that are seamless and unified.

Steadfast Reliability for an Expanded Range of Applications

BenQ BlueCore laser projectors are engineered to support 24/7 continuous operation, even in extreme installations such as 360° rotation or vertical mounting. This allows airport operators to project stunning images onto ceilings, floors and angled signage to engage travelers through every corridor and corner of the airport without worrying about issues like gradual color decay.

HDBaseT Advanced Digital Connectivity

HDBaseT combines audio, video and source signals from PCs, laptops, cameras and physical media players into a single cable that is capable of seamless transmissions up to 100 meters. This greatly expands the projector’s connectivity and allows for a rich and lively viewing experience without dealing with cable hassles.

Flicker-free Business Monitor
A Clearer Image for a Better Business
Flicker-free Backlight

Although an LCD’s screen appears to be static, it is in fact composed of millions of pixels that are constantly changing color. Because of these small fluctuations in color and brightness, typical LCD displays often cause eye strain and visual fatigue. BenQ’s Flicker-free Monitors are equipped to provide a zero-flicker viewing experience that allows airport staff to use the screen longer without fatigue.

19 Inch, 5:4 Square Screen

BenQ’s flicker-free business monitors are designed to maximize staff work efficiency. The 5:4 aspect ratio, designed to suit critical business needs, allows for true SXGA information to be displayed directly from computer systems in its true aspect ratio without stretching or distortion.