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Over 50% of consumers wander through every aisle while shopping. By targeting these buyers, supermarkets can seize attention at every crucial buying moment. BenQ digital displays not only can meet any unique spatial needs but also can help operators facilitate targeted customer communication.

See how BenQ Display stimulates customer purchase in Supermarket
● The completely customizable Stretch Display can make promotional content fit into any unique narrow spaces and deliver information at crucial buying moments.
● Gorgeous 4K2K images and flexible installation make BenQ Smart Signage a must have for supermarkets looking to impress consumers while controlling signage operation remotely.
Stretch Display
Customizable Sized Signage Delivering Brilliant Images in Bright Environments

Deliver timely content that engages customers with BenQ-exclusive X-Sign Content Management software. Providing multiple high quality templates for bar-type display, X-Sign streamlines workload so operators can create and curate all multimedia content to ensure consistent branding throughout the supermarket. Running sales, promotional or branded content on a fixed schedule simplifies the process and reduces the need for extra manpower.

High Brightness

By supporting brightness up to 1000 nits, this striking display delivers brilliant, accurate colors and crystal clear images that can be seen in bright ambience. Suitable for both indoor and semi-outdoor applications, Bar-Type Signage is also ideal for entranceway application that draws people in.

24/7 Non-stop Operation

Guaranteed to operate around the clock, BenQ Bar-Type Display delivers a crystal clear picture 24/7, all year long. Engineered to run nonstop for years, this signage requires little to no maintenance so operators can place unquestionable confidence in this durable hardware.

Multi-Formational Display

Matching any supermarkets’ needs, BenQ Bar-Type Displays are completely customizable. Thanks to patented panel-cutting technology, stores can design custom-sized signage to cater to spaces of store shelves of any kinds or other high traffic areas with unique spatial demands.

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

With tighter fixing points along the edges, BenQ engineers have eliminated “mura” distortion, a common visual complication seen in most consumer displays when operating in a vertical position. Bar-Type displays will deliver the same stunning picture in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Smart Signage
An Easy to Use, All-in-One Smart Solution

Accurate and reliable infrared technology makes for a high quality product. Easy to use and highly responsive, as a wayfinding display consumers can get the information they need immediately so they have no need to stop shopping.

4K2K Ultra High Resolution

Offering resolutions up to 4K2K (3840x2160), BenQ’s Smart Signage is designed to deliver the highest video and image quality possible, ensuring crisp and clear multimedia playback. Boasting a tremendous pixel density that is 4 times greater than the Full HD digital signage, the smart Signage gives operators a competitive edge to boost the visual Impact. *ST430K, ST550K, and ST650K can support resolutions up to 4K2K.

Easy and Flexible Installation

Its lightweight design makes installation easy. This flexible signage can be placed without professionals and, if necessary, be relocated without complication.

Compatible with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

Supermarket operators can monitor display status and remotely schedule display on/off time with BenQ’s Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, effectively lowering TCO and reducing power consumption. Created to be universally easy to operate, MDA requires no professional training or extra manpower, so any associate can make use of this powerful BenQ-exclusive software.