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Small and Medium Business

Small and medium business owners rely on digital solutions to deliver brand messages and eye-catching content that informs and engages customers from the very first moment. Designed to overcome layout limitations, BenQ’s Bar-Type Displays, with their unique stretched structure, can fit into even the narrowest of spaces. The all-in-one Smart Signage is ready to operate out of the box. With the included X-Sign Content Management Software, business owners can create and distribute content at minimal cost of manpower and resources. Moreover, a 2x2 Smart Signage installation can provide a video wall viewing experience that delivers breathtaking 4K video.

See How BenQ Display Can Fight for Customers’ Attention
● Enable seamless customer communication regardless of space limitations with the wide-stretched Bar-Type Display.
● Significantly reduce manpower and resources by adopting BenQ’s all-in-one Smart Signage. The display not only can support X-Sign for easy content creation but also can flawlessly present images and video in both portrait and landscape orientations.
Bar-Type Display
Make the Most of Store Space with Wide-Stretched Digital Displays
Unique Wide-Stretched Design

BenQ Bar-Type Displays can match any business’s needs with their stylish long-and-narrow design. These unique proportions allow Bar-Type Displays to be seamlessly integrated into uncommon areas like store shelves or cash counters, displaying information right beside the product.

24/7 Non-Stop Operation

Engineered to work continuously all day long, BenQ Bar-Type Displays can remain in operation 24/7 for several years. Low to zero maintenance is required, the Bar-Type Displays not only allow business owners to significantly lower operation cost but also ensure all promotional content will run flawlessly.

High Brightness

Bar-Type Displays can support brightness up to 1000 nits, delivering brilliant colors and a crystal clarity that can be seen even in the brightest environments. This enables business owners to freely utilize display for indoor and semi-outdoor applications and broadcast content wherever they see fit.

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

Bar-Type Displays are engineered to deliver the same stunning picture in both horizontal and vertical orientations. This provides business owners with the ultimate freedom to make the promotional content fit space requirements and store decorations.

Smart Signage
An All-in-One Smart Solution for Small Business Owners
Built-In X-Sign Content Management Software

Customize, edit, and manage content through X-Sign to engage customers at the right moment. Packed with over 100 templates that are professionally designed, X-Sign allows business owners to create new content with minimal cost and effort. Moreover, X-Sign also enables business owners to create fixed display schedules and play content via USB or BenQ cloud service so they can easily update information and reach target customers at the right time.

24/7 Non-Stop Operation

Boasting an amazing life of 50,000 hours, BenQ’s Smart Signage is designed to deliver years of round-the-clock, industrial-class performance. Business owners will appreciate robust reliability that allows pertinent information to remain on display non-stop all year round.

Flawless Display in Landscape and Portrait Modes

BenQ’s Smart Signage is engineered to provide the same robust performance in both landscape and portrait orientations. Business owners not only can utilize landscape mode to display multimedia entertainment, but also can create stylish entryway information boards by combining the portrait-oriented display with BenQ’s exclusive Easy-to-Go stand.

Easy-to-Go Stand

Optimized for mobility and versatility, the BenQ Easy-to-Go stand is designed to provide a flexible solution for Smart Signage deployment. Supporting both landscape and portrait modes, the stand allows Smart Signage to be orientated for optimal viewing. Removable wheels allow operators to easily move the stand from one place to another and insert messages in high-traffic areas such as entryways or beside counters. The stand also comes with a portable flyer holder and allows for height adjustment so store proprietors can display their business in a sophisticated and hassle-free manner.