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Studies have shown that 50% of patrons find digital graphics highly engaging and that digital menu boards can lift sales by 5%. BenQ’s digital display solutions, including High Brightness Business Projectors and Smart Signage, are designed to streamline service and engage patrons in every corner of the bar.
Why BenQ Display can help bars engagement with more customers

  • Adopt Smart Signage with X-Sign content management software to create crisp 4K content that can be updated in real time to match customers’ needs and grab their undivided attention. Custom content can also be remotely scheduled and distributed to smart signage via the internet without requiring extra manpower or costly server setup
  • Display big screen entertainment with high-lumen Business Projectors to excite bar customers with lifelike, stunning clarity for every occasion
  • Offer dynamic installation options for bar operation to ensure an ideal projection alignment through the help of 2D keystone and corner fit correction of Business Projectors
  • Smart Signage
    All-in-One Solution for Attention-grabbing Digital Menu Boards
    Long-lasting, Superior Image Quality with Ultra-high Brightness

    The BlueCore Laser Projector, with unmatched high-lumen brightness, is designed to deliver long-lasting superior image quality; granting operators a platform for catching consumers’ attention quickly with eye-grabbing large images. Powered with a dual color wheel system, the BlueCore Laser Projector also ensures superior color performance that produces flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance and fidelity.

    Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice. The images in these pictures are simulated.

    Integrated Edge Blending Support for Panorama Display

    Accounting for the intersecting spaces between adjacent images, Edge Blending automatically adjusts the brightness of overlapping images along the edge to present a seamless, multi-screen projection that is pleasing and attracts the eye. BenQ’s Color Matching further makes minute adjustments to calibrate any small differences in the color output profile between each projector, perfecting the massive image.

    Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice. The images in these pictures are simulated.

    Business Projector
    Larger than Life Projection for Every Occasion
    High Brightness for Big Screen Entertainment

    Boasting ultimate high brightness, BenQ business projectors provide bar operators great freedom to deliver crisp big screen entertainment in both high-and low-light environments, without sacrificing stunning visual quality.

    Advanced Image Calibration for Ideal Projection Alignment

    BenQ’s business projectors make image adjustment hassle-free. When projectors must be installed off-center, bar operators can utilize the 2D keystone feature to counteract the trapezoid effect on both horizontal and vertical axes. The corner fit correction can further adjust each corner of the image to geometrical perfection.

    Crisp and Clear Audio Performance

    In pursuit of maximum audiovisual performance, BenQ’s business projectors are enhanced with a built-in speaker to deliver lifelike sound to all customers at the bar.