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Hotel Lobby

Create a comfortable, informative and inviting atmosphere from the start. Set the mood with stunning, beautiful large images with a High Brightness Large Venue Projector. Catch guests coming and going with ongoing and upcoming event information by utilizing BenQ’s aero-thin Double-Sided Signage. Provide guests with wonderful gift ideas by utilizing the Transparent Display that provides information on the glass directly from a USB. Transform the lobby into a welcoming space for new, long-term and short-stay guests with a space that buzzes with excitement.

Check out BenQ’s display solution for the hotel lobby
  • Grab guests’ attention upon entry with a dual-lamp High Brightness Large Venue Projector that is designed to deliver superior image quality even in a spacious, well-lit lobby
  • Deliver content as guests come and go with Double-Sided Signage capable of being seen clearly and legibly from any angle
  • Enhance product sales with an easy to use augmented Transparent Display that not only entices customers but draws them in as well
  • Reduce staff fatigue and keep them working effectively and efficiently longer with Flicker-free Business Monitors
High Brightness Large Venue Projector
Command Guests’ Attention with Powerful Imagery and Keep them Informed
Ultra-high Brightness for Large Venues

An industry-level machine, BenQ’s High Brightness Large Venue Projector displays powerful content that will captivate guests upon entry with its crystal clear, sharp pictures. This dual-lamp powered projector has been engineered for enhanced luminance in bright environments, so no matter how brilliant the natural ambience a lobby might have, the pictures never appear washed out or dull.

Motorized Zoom, Focus and Lens Shift

With the wide range of powered zoom, focus and horizontal and vertical lens shift systems, content can be displayed accurately and with complete confidence. The High Brightness Large Venue Projector’s multiple display systems allow it to counter any placement challenges that might occur during installation. Moreover, Lens Shift benefits operators who desire to manually angle the lens for a more accurate projection.

360° Rotation and Multi-screen Projection

The projection possibilities are limitless with BenQ’s High Brightness Large Venue Projector. Whether projecting onto ceilings, walls, floors, angled signage or splitting between multiple screens, this projector is a versatile tool necessary for hotel operators to make an impression that lasts.

HDBaseT Advanced Digital Connectivity

Enjoy the powerful convenience of HDBaseT connectivity. Operators can connect multiple devices from several sources including PCs, laptops, document cameras, gaming consoles, Blu-ray and DVD players through a single CAT5 cable. This cost-effective measure is designed to take full advantage of the ceiling mounted installation.

Double-Sided Signage
Target Guests Coming and Going with Double-Sided Signage
World’s Slimmest Aero-thin 23.4mm Panel Design

BenQ has created the world’s slimmest aero-thin dual-sided panel display. At less than 23.4mm, this state-of-the-art technology is no wider than a thumb. With two sides, content delivery can be two ways, targeting guests both arriving and leaving the hotel.

A Clear View from Every Standpoint with High-brightness Screen

A-MVA technology enables a symmetrical viewing angle of 178° from all directions, allowing for the double-sided Signage’s stunning, beautiful images to be seen from any angle in the hotel lobby. Additionally, its brightness can be adjusted to be readable in indoor and semi-outdoor locations.

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

Programmed to create tight fixing points between edges, BenQ’s Double-Sided Signage prevents “mura” image distortion, a frequently seen problem in many substandard vertical consumer displays. With Double-Sided Signage, gorgeous, perfect images can be displayed with confidence in either landscape or portrait view.

Transparent Display
Add an Elegant and Luxurious Layer to the All-in-One Box Display
Ultra Vivid Transparent Imagery Transmission

Enhance the lobby ambience by displaying beautiful artwork within a display and further heighten the experience by displaying information about the artwork directly on the display. With ultra vivid transparent imagery transmission, operators can effortlessly strike that balance between elegance and functionality. Moreover, image transparency levels can be adjusted automatically by measuring light sources within any given space or altered manually to best suit the product on display.

USB Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Ready to operate out of the box, BenQ’s plug-and-play streamlines an operator’s role. Removing the hassle of cords and PC connectivity, the transparent display can run display content such as MP4 or JPEG images directly from a USB flash drive.

Available in Various Sizes

Coming in a variety of dimensions, hotels can selectively choose the right display for the right artwork. Use smaller displays for more delicate items or larger ones for bigger works. The choices are only limited by your imagination.

Flicker-free Business Monitor
Realistic Images on Eye-Care First Hardware
Flicker-free Backlight

BenQ’s Flicker-free Business Monitors are designed to stop the tiny fluctuations between colors and brightness that are commonly seen in displays of this type. The zero-flicker viewing experience significantly reduces eye strain and visual fatigue, allowing for longer viewing duration without weariness.

19 Inch, 5:4 Square Screen

Displaying true SXGA information directly from computer systems, BenQ’s flicker-free business monitor displays in the 5:4 aspect ratio standard. By displaying in the accurate format, images will cease to be stretched or distorted.