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Hotel Business Center

Providing corporations with reliable and easy to use tools to conduct its meetings or events is one way to improve a hotel’s chances of seeing big businesses return. The BlueCore Laser Projector, with maintenance-free performance, is designed to deliver long-lasting superior image quality that excites guests. Create captivating content and control multiple displays from a central workstation with Smart Signage’s X-Sign and Multiple Display Administrative (MDA) software. Allow guests to feel comfortable with Professional Monitors with adjustable heights and horizontal mobility. Long-lasting partnerships are built through trust and experience; and BenQ makes this easy.

Check out BFind out how BenQ Display meets the needs in hotel business centerenQ’s display solution for the hotel lobby
● Design a unique and inviting atmosphere for guests with stunning projection mapping via long-lasting superior image quality, powered by the maintenance-free BlueCore Laser Projector with 360° and portrait projection
● The ultimate all-in-one 4K information display, Smart Signage’s MDA gives operators the ability to access display controls, alert settings and power settings, while X-Sign’s content creation and content scheduling reduces workload and improves efficiency
● The completely customizable Professional Monitor enhance work efficiency while providing a fantastic picture clarity that improves display information capacity with 4K UHD
BlueCore Laser Projector
Create a World Class Ambient Space with Powerful Projection Mapping
The Ultimate Impact of Ultra-High Contrast

The BenQ BlueCore Laser Projector directly controls light output for faster response and stunningly clear images at a super-high contrast ratio of 100,000:1 with automatic brightness adjustments to maintain the clarity, subtlety and fidelity of both dark images and bright ones. This allows operators to ultimately enhance a hotel’s atmosphere with highly-detailed, stunning projection.

360° and Portrait Projection for Dynamic Installations

BlueCore Laser Technology projects bright, crystal clear images with incredible detail for both 360° rotation and portrait applications. It not only accommodates different spaces, but this technology also guarantees reliable projection from every angle. These dynamic installation options allow operators to project their media onto ceilings, walls, floors or angled signage in spaces of any size.

Zoom, Focus and Lens Shift for Dynamic Installations

Designed to counter installation challenges in any venue, the BlueCore Laser Projector features a wide range of the powered zoom, focus and horizontal/ vertical lens shift systems in order to deliver proportioned images anywhere, anytime.

Maintenance-free and Enduring Reliability

The innovative BlueCore Laser Projector is designed to support 24/7 continuous operation. Built with a light source rated for 20,000 hours of operation at full brightness without lamp replacement, the BlueCore Laser Projector can perform uninterrupted during operation hours and beyond. Equipped with an internal advanced liquid cooling system, this laser projector is reliable and quiet, and its body is hermetically sealed to prevent dust damage and image degradation, so the stunning images can be continuously projected without quality loss.

HDBaseT Advanced Digital Connectivity

HDBaseT provides business centers with a powerful and convenient connectivity system. Several devices from multiple sources including PCs, laptops, document cameras, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players can connect to the BlueCore Laser projector via a single CAT5 cable. Not only is this a cost-effective measure, it’s also a time saving one, and is versatile enough to meet any businessperson’s needs.

Smart Signage
Ultimate One Stop Display Solution for Information Broadcasting
Built-in X-Sign Content Management Software

BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign software is the cloud-based content management software that makes it easy to create, schedule and display content across all display networks. With X-Sign, operators can choose from over 100 professionally designed templates to create stylish hotel messaging that seizes attention. Moreover, X-Sign also enables efficient content scheduling and distribution over the internet; thus operators can easily inform guests with time-appropriate content simply from a centralized workstation.

4K2K Ultra High Resolution

Sparing no detail, Smart Signage allows guests to see every pixel with a 4K2K screen. Capable of 4 times the pixel density of other Full HD displays, Smart Signage promises to deliver the clearest and sharpest images around. This allows hotels to immerse guests with high-end luxury ambience while delivering attractive hotel information that seizes attention.

Manage Multiple Displays with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

Effectively lower TCO and power consumption with BenQ’s exclusive Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software. Simply through the local network, MDA not only enables hotels to simultaneously set up on/off time across various displays but also allows operators to remotely monitor display status in real times, thus lowering power and maintenance costs for hotel operations.

Slim & Stylish Design

With narrow bezels along the edges, BenQ’s Smart Signage boasts a stylish outlook, allowing operators to enhance hotel decoration and impress guests with a sophisticated first impression. Moreover, with a lightweight design, BenQ’s Smart Signage can easily be mounted anywhere saving manpower and resources on installation and rearranging the smart signage placement.

Professional Monitor
Improve Workflow and Increase Efficiency with Customizable Workspace Displays
4K UHD Monitor with IPS Technology

Improve guests’ workspaces with next-level performance and detail. Boasting four times the resolution of 1080p HD monitors, BenQ’s Professional Monitors’ 4K UHD demonstrates a pixel density so high that more detail can be packed onto the screen without affecting legibility. In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology improves performance by giving the monitor a readability from every angle.

Flicker-free Eye-care Solution

Monitor flickering causes eye damage and fatigue, but flicker-free technology prevents this phenomenon from occurring. BenQ’s Eye-care solution allows guests to work longer in front of the monitor without the harmful risks associated with many consumer monitors.

Enhanced Work Efficiency with Ultimate Ease of Use
Height Adjustment

Height adjustment is part of the monitor’s design, so users can set the stand to the right height and also tilt and swivel the monitor with ease.

Auto Pivot

Auto Pivot grants the operator the ability to turn the display from landscape mode to portrait mode while the display content automatically converts and rotates accordingly.