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Corporate Showroom

First impressions are important. When potential clients step into a showroom they’re often greeted by images. If those images have weak colors, low brightness, or unclear text, it can create a weak first impression and even result in lost business. That’s why it’s essential to provide a visual experience that will capture potential clients’ attention, engage their senses, and make them want to know more.

Learn Why BenQ Is the Best Partner for Designing Your Corporate Showroom
  • BlueCore Laser Technology produces exquisite image quality
  • Dual Color Wheels offer nearly full Rec. 709 coverage
  • BlueCore laser delivers 20,000 hours of peak performance with Dust GuardTM dustproof technology
  • 360° Installation, Optional lenses, Motorized Zoom, and Lens Shift features allow for flexible installation options
  • BenQ’s exclusive MDA software lets operators manage and monitor multiple devices from a central location, making it easy to change content and ensure that all displays and projectors are performing at their best
Corporate Showroom Laser Projector
Ultimate Performance and Versatility for Corporate Showrooms
BlueCore Laser Projection for Long-Lasting Superior Image Quality

High-quality projection will make a positive first impression with clients and visitors and can improve a company’s image. By combining solid-state BlueCore Laser modules with innovative DLP technology, BenQ Laser Projectors are engineered to produce unrivaled high-lumen brightness and flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance, and fidelity.

Dual Color Wheels for Optimal Color Performance

Projection with true colors will maximize the appeal of products and other images and videos on display. BenQ’s BlueCore laser projection technology utilizes a dual color wheel system to produce unparalleled color performance. Reaching up to 95% of the Rec. 709 standard, BlueCore delivers color-accurate images that can amaze clients and deepen their understanding of the brand.

DLP Technology for Greater Clarity

Clear text in infographics allows clients and other visitors to read the material your company has prepared and better understand your business. The highly durable DLP chips used in BenQ Laser Projectors can last over 100,000 hours without degradation, ensuring true-to-life colors and pristinely legible text over the long term.

20,000 Hours of Reliable Performance

By combining proven reliability, long lifespans, and reduced maintenance, BenQ Laser Projectors can provide remarkable cost savings and reduce budgets. Capable of performing for 20,000 hours or more, the light sources in BenQ Laser Projectors are designed to resist color degradation. This makes BenQ Laser Projectors perfect for large displays that combine images from multiple projectors, where color decay could result in unbalanced colors between projectors.

Superior Dustproofing for Severe Conditions

Dustproof technology keeps projectors running smoothly and helps them maintain peak performance over the long term. BenQ BlueCore laser projectors are designed with sealed laser modules and enclosed light engines to protect the DMD chip, color wheel sensor, laser bank, and other optical components. This lock-and-key design hermetically seals the engine from dust to prolong projector lifespan.

Changeable Lenses for Expanded Installation Options

To maximize installation flexibility, BenQ Laser Projectors are compatible with a number of optional lenses* that offer different focal lengths. These all-glass optics eliminate chromatic aberration and color flare to ensure maximum image quality. They also offer one-button release to make lens changes quick and simple.

*Number of compatible lenses varies by mode

Integrated Edge Blending for Panoramic Projections

Edge blending adjusts the brightness near intersecting areas of multi-screen projections, and color matching can be used to calibrate differences in the color output profile of each projector. BenQ Laser Projectors also feature Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) modes for enhanced multi-source projection.

360° and Portrait Projection for Ultimate Installation Flexibility

Capable of delivering reliable projection from many angles, BenQ Laser Projectors can be installed and hidden nearly anywhere in a showroom. Their flexibility also opens up creative possibilities including but not limited to 360° rotation, portrait orientation projection, and projection onto floors, ceilings, and angled surfaces.

Motorized Zoom, Focus, Lens Shift and Memory

BenQ Laser Projectors boast a wide range of convenient systems to assist with fine adjustments, including motorized zoom, focus and horizontal/vertical lens shift. This combination of features helps overcome installation challenges and ensures well-proportioned images even in difficult venues. Furthermore, customizable memory enables multiple settings to be saved and recalled to optimize projection characteristics for a variety of content and applications.

HDBaseT for Uncompressed Transmission up to 100 Meters

Groundbreaking HDBaseT technology lets businesses share content, including images, videos, and documents, from multiple devices through a single CAT5 cable. It also lets users control PCs, document cameras, Blu-ray and DVD players, and other devices from a distance.

Centralized Control with BenQ Software

BenQ’s centralized control software empowers IT administrators to remotely manage multiple digital projectors via a local network. The management capabilities include the ability to remotely monitor, control, and configure projectors individually or as groups from a centralized location.