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How to Get Smarter, Space-Saving Classroom with BenQ Display

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  • Interactive Displays for Education
  • 2021-09-13

Interactive displays offer mobility and versatility while helping you clear up room in classes. As such, they’re more than advanced and flexible teaching tools, but also very powerful classroom space organizers. 

If you find yourself wanting a more streamlined and modular classroom for modern, project-based and student-focused teaching, interactive displays with their all in one designs and high mobility certainly fit the bill. They help you better manage classroom layouts and prove invaluable allies in the effort to make the most of every location. The slate of advanced functions and easy transportation between rooms provided by interactive displays render them the new must-have addition for your classroom. 

Plus, with everything that’s changed due to the global pandemic, classroom space may be at more of a premium than ever before. The need to maintain social distancing is a part of CDC operational guidelines, along with the overall management of physical interaction, which has many implications for classroom layouts.

Smart and slender interactive displays deliver impressive functionality for their space-saving form factor, and are a natural fit for hybrid learning. We’ve talked about blended instruction, remote attendance, flipped classrooms and other teaching models that have risen in popularity due to changes over the last two years, and interactive displays support them all. 

And while some schools have been removing everything from desks to cabinets and lockers to meet social distancing guidelines, classroom space-saving will remain a priority after COVID-19. The trick is to do more than save space. Functionality should be gained, and BenQ interactive displays offer a space-saving and education-enhancing solution. 

What Are BenQ Interactive Displays?

We offer a range of touch-enabled screens in different sizes, all of them large enough to be very visible in classrooms. 

Sized in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86”, BenQ interactive displays (or interactive boards) perform the impressive feat of replacing your whiteboard/blackboard, classroom TV, projector, projector screen, and even PC, all in one sleek and user-friendly device.

Just by doing that they’ve already saved you significantly more space than taking out a few cabinets. 

Mounting and Mobility Accommodate Your Needs

BenQ interactive panels can stand on their own or you can mount them on classroom walls with standard VESA mounts.

We offer a separate trolley that allows you to move interactive displays effortlessly from one classroom to another, or between different areas of a single classroom. All you need to consider is whether the power cable can reach an outlet, which shouldn’t be a problem. 

An All in One Platform

Interactive displays, at least the good ones, are designed to function as a standalone central platform for your classroom. We mentioned above that interactive displays can replace your classroom PC or your personal laptop. This is not an exaggeration, because BenQ interactive displays run Android and therefore feature all of the apps you’re used to, right on the interactive board.

Interactive display connectivity is entirely wireless, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in. And if you still need a Windows PC in your classroom, our interactive displays include a dedicated OPS (open pluggable standard) slot for installing an add-on Windows PC computer module. 

With this much flexibility on hand, delivering and engaging with class content becomes much more rewarding and we believe overall far more successful. You can see this and 3 other ways to show your materials to your students here.

Freedom from Cable Concerns

The all in one nature of interactive displays means you really only need one power cable, and that’s it. With wireless connectivity and device mirroring, even HDMI cables are entirely optional, as are LAN and USB cables. 

This greatly reduces the unsightly and often quite dangerous clutter and mess that cables and wires running all over the place present. With younger kids, tripping over cables is of particular concern, but let’s be real. It could happen to anyone. The fewer cables and wires, the better. This is a promise interactive displays definitely act and deliver upon. 

Also, the reduced reliance on cables frees you from having to be a certain distance away from the interactive panel. Learners and teachers can cast content and interact with the board from up close or the other side of the classroom. 

Such wireless freedom supports the mobile or wheeled desk trend. Desks with wheels are increasingly popular because they complement social distancing requirements, where applicable, and interactive displays add to the flexibility at your disposal. 

Move Towards Paperless Learning

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been talking about paperless learning and paperless work since the dawn of time, but interactive displays make major strides in that direction.

Because interactive displays offer seamless wireless connectivity with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, students may bring those to class rather than lug bulky and heavy books around. 

With fewer books and notebooks, and more writing done digitally, there’s less need for desk space. In fact, desks could potentially be done away with entirely. Either way, smaller desks or no desks, you save a lot of classroom space while not compromising learning and augmenting teaching thanks to interactive display capabilities. 

Digitization is the Future

A rather frequently-used statement, but entirely true. Thanks to advances in display technology, fully-enabled and feature-laden interactive displays are now readily available for your classroom.

BenQ interactive boards bring smart versatility, mobility, and ease of use to ensure a superb, long-lasting investment. They remove much of the classic classroom clutter that absolutely no one is fond of, and by that contribute not only to a neater learning space, but also a safer and healthier one. 

Interactive displays align with the digitally-savvy leanings of modern students, and are simply a very practical addition to every classroom as they increase your ability to teach effectively and promote skill attainment among learners. 

And going back to the classroom space saving factor in closing, interactive displays free up room for students. Since you need less hardware and furniture once an interactive display is available, freed up space accommodates more students even with social distancing requirements. And by that you help combat any digital divides that may linger, as students without access to digital devices at home can come in to class and not fall behind. 

So clearly, interactive displays showcase a plethora of benefits that you should take into consideration as the new school year goes into full swing. 

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