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Contactless, Smart Signage Displays Support Telemedicine and Healthcare Meeting Requirements

  • BenQ
  • 2020-12-28

The healthcare industry relies on technology every day to create new, innovative ways to keep people healthy. Displays are especially vital, enabling the visualization of X-rays, lab work, and videos and images to diagnose, create treatment plans, and explore options with patients whether in-person or via video conferencing. With this in mind, it’s important that healthcare organizations — whether a doctor’s office, urgent care, hospital, imaging or radiology center, surgery center, mental health and rehabilitation center, nursing and long-term health facility, or specialized care facility — choose the right display for their needs. A display can and should be more than a display. 


The latest smart signage displays are designed to provide a simpler, faster experience for healthcare professionals as well as tap into new dynamic capabilities to make meetings and appointments with patients, staff, and colleagues even better. BenQ’s comprehensive CS Series smart signage is uniquely designed to go well beyond a typical meeting room display. It merges the capabilities of the company’s trusted signage products with advanced features of the award-winning CP Series interactive flat panels in a contactless, easy-to-use, and reliable design built for effortless, wireless meetings.


Four ways CS Series improves the meeting experience for healthcare:

1. Telemedicine and video conferencing

As telemedicine gains steam, it’s fundamental that healthcare organizations have display solutions that support the wide range of video conferencing applications available today. The CS Series’ commercial-grade displays are perfectly suited for this task. It works with many HIPAA-compliant video communication solutions, including Zoom for Healthcare, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and more. With the ability to launch video conference applications right from the screen, providers can get started right away and ensure they’re on time and ready for appointments. The display is also available as an easy-to-use, all-in-one bundle, featuring BenQ’s video cameras, Meeting Room 365 license to quickly and easily reserve a meeting or consultation room, and a Wi-Fi dongle.

2. Presentations

Physicians and other health professionals regularly deliver highly complex and technical information to patients, staff, and colleagues. The 4K UHD CS Series, available in 65”,75”, and 86” models, helps them to present what they need in an engaging and understandable way. In addition to slide presentations, they can share images, videos, reports, and more. Where a team of professionals may need to weigh in, the display is a convenient, easy-to-use solution that saves time switching between presenters and information. It comes built in with BenQ’s InstaShare 2 wireless presentation system, which allows up to nine participants to present, and up to four users can display their screen simultaneously. It’s a great way to see progression and data in one view without switching back and forth between users or having to use complicated video HDMI cabling systems that can be difficult and time-consuming to use.


Platform-agnostic, the display will run many of the specialized software applications that may be needed in healthcare settings. Via the Duo OS window feature, doctors can quickly access the software from the display’s OPS slot or external device. In addition, the Duo Windows mode maximizes the screen real estate by splitting the screen into two windows, eliminating the need to switch between apps and software screens.

Users also have the option to drive meetings right from the display rather than a laptop or mobile device using a simple remote control. It can be used as a clicker to select, open, or move items on screen; a cursor to create and enter information; and as an annotation and recording device. They can also log into their personal BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS) to open files from cloud services, including Google, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365, and more.


3. Annotate and Collaborate

Time is of the essence, especially in healthcare where doctors and staff must see many patients each day. They need to be well supported in order to stay on schedule with built-in tools, such as annotation and whiteboarding. The CS Series smart signage displays feature BenQ’s EZ Write cloud-based whiteboard application with annotation and whiteboarding tools that makes it easy to highlight areas of concern, take notes, and more. These tools can save time in meetings and telemedicine appointments and provide immediate feedback and recommendations, so everyone is on the same page.


4. Signage & Wayfinding

Digital signage is a mainstay in healthcare environments. It can inform patients with wayfinding and facility information as well as keep staff abreast of alerts from HR, IT, and facility management. The CS Series uniquely features BenQ’s X-Sign and X-Sign Broadcast digital signage creation, scheduling, and publishing software. This allows the CS display to double as a digital signage system without purchasing separate digital signage displays and streaming systems or paying ongoing fee-based contracts.


Ready to Support the Future of Medicine and Caregiving

Helping physicians, caregivers and staff work effectively in support of patient care is a top priority. However, there is an increasing need for easy-to-use and versatile displays to support these efforts. The CS Series maximizes services to create better, more streamlined healthcare experiences that are centered on contactless, efficient, and highly visual meetings and telemedicine appointments.











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