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What Encourages Employees to Embrace New Technology - Simple Is Best

  • BenQ
  • 2019-03-30

"Does the technology in your office stress you out? According to one study, 87% of office employees feel stressed out in meetings when presentation devices are difficult to use. In addition, over half of workers prefer tech that’s easy to use and ready at the touch of a button. While the presentation devices in your office may “work” in the technical sense, if they are so difficult to use that employees are avoiding them, are they really working?"

Nearly all modern businesses rely on technology, and for good reason: Employees believe that the right technology can reduce workplace-related stress and promote collaboration. But what is the right technology? One survey showed that 51% of employees want “tech that works at the touch of a button,” and 44% want “wireless technology” to be ubiquitous. The desire for simple tech makes perfect sense in the modern BYOD workplace, where employees want to quickly and easily share content from any device. Because of this trend towards BYOD, it’s essential for companies to have presentation equipment that’s broadly compatible with various models of laptops and smart devices.

Simplified technology doesn’t just benefit employees; it benefits employers as well. By replacing complicated equipment with simple, no-training-needed devices, your company can reduce training budgets and funnel those dollars into more productive areas that will boost growth. Furthermore, easy-to-use technology can reduce user error and increase adoption rates. This last point is especially important, because even the most secure and innovative technology will be ineffective if employees are unwilling to use it. Inconsistent adoption of technology can introduce unnecessary complexity to the workplace, leading to misplaced data and security risks.

One of the places where every company can benefit most from simplified tech is in the meeting room. We’ve all had our time wasted by presentations delays due to mismatched cables, loose connections, or incompatible hardware. Not only do these delays make presenters nervous, they also waste the time of all meeting participants. Fortunately with the right technology it’s possible to banish tech-related meeting stress from the workplace forever.

BenQ’s InstaShow™ is the powerful, easy-to-use wireless meeting solution. Featuring plug-and-play operation that requires no software or drivers, InstaShow™ is the perfect device for ensuring meetings begin on time. And for companies seeking to promote collaboration, InstaShow™ S is the ultimate option. InstaShow™ S offers support for smart devices and also features split-screen capability that lets up to 4 users share ideas on a single screen, boosting team synergy and productivity. BenQ’s InstaShow™ is the multi-user wireless presentation solution you need.