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How BenQ Protects Students' and Teachers' Health With Nano-silver Technologies

  • BenQ
  • 2020-10-30

BenQ interactive displays offer germ-resistant properties. This is thanks to ionized silver nanoparticles (AgNP), or nano-silver, embedded in the screen of BenQ ClassroomCare™ products.

What Is Nano-Silver?

Nano-silver, also known as ionized silver nano particles, are particles of silver of 1nm to 100nm size that show stong germicidal properties.

ionized silver nanoparticle- or nanosilver particle

The Antimicrobial Properties of Silver Have Been Known for Centuries!

various applications of nanosilver over time

How Does Nano-Silver Work?

Nano-silver disrupts the replication of germs. In addition, dead germs cells already carrying silver nanoparticles act like “zombies”- spread nano-silver to other germ cells!

the antimicrobial properties of nanosilver- how does it work?

What Does Nano-Silver Do for You?

BenQ incorporates AgNP to the anti-glare coating of its interactive screens. We achieve it through most demanding, advanced, and modern manufacturing process.

BenQ germ-resistant interactive display with nanosilver-enriched surface
advantages of BenQ germ-resistant, nanosilver-enriched interactive displays

Certified Protection Against 5 Common Types of Bacteria

BenQ interactive displays with nanosilver provide effective protection against 5 most common bacteria strains

How Do We Make It Happen?

BenQ Interactive display screens are subject to most advanced, modern manufacturing process of curing at over 752℉, ensuring durable, reliable, and long-lasting silver protection

different nano-ionic silver coating application methods
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To learn more about minimizing the spread of germs in your classroom with BenQ's germ-resistant interactive displays, click the button to download a free e-book on this and other classroom safety features built into the the BenQ touch displays.

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