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How to Save Your Falling Learning Quality? Edtech Can Help!

  • BenQ
  • 2017-12-01

Higher education in India brought about a transformation in the country's GDP at the turn of the century. But while we have succeeded at creating greater volumes of educated individuals, there has been a noticeable dip in the quality of their education.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the rising cost of educating our large population.

According to estimations, billions of people across the world are already benefiting from the use of edtech in various forms. In the US, there is already a robust investment in edtech and while India may lag behind, we are catching up fast. The best yardsticks of effectiveness are that India's education market was valued at $100 billion USD, and the digital learning market was estimated to be $2 billion USD last year!

The prevalence of education technology is poised to make education more affordable and yet more effective.

Discover more about how technology helps to improve the quality of education.

80% of India's school teachers feel positive about smart classrooms. The way the Indian education fraternity has embraced interactive projectors and other interactive solutions has been unprecedented. With multi-touch and table projection capabilities that allow many students to collaborate on a single screen or even dual screens that provide more latitude for gamification of the lesson plan, these projectors have been able to pique the interest of millennials and make teaching more effective. Having shared learning spaces through a completely integrated edtech hardware and software solution allows teachers to gamify and narrate lessons in ways that expand the critical and creative thinking of student.

But in the Indian ecosystem, there are some issues that can lead to loss of reliability in projectors. It has been proven that projector breakdowns can result in class cancellations or even an ineffectual lesson being administered. The primary reason of projector breakdown is dust and in a country like India, where there is an abundance of similar air particles, it is very important to safeguard your edtech investment against it.

One of the biggest projector innovations for the subcontinent has been dustproof technology. This can ensure that your projector is not harmed by environmental factors and maintains its quality throughout its lifetime.

Non-dustproof projectors can cause a number of issues in a classroom:

  1. Projector breakdown
  2. Color Decay leading to gradual image deterioration
  3. Gradual but steady rise in maintenance costs

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To conclude, the Indian education sector holds a very unique position in the world. With a young population that needs to be educated in the best way possible, we must use technology to help us in doing so. But environmental factors are and will be a huge stumbling block for all technological products in the subcontinent. This is where dustproof technology can truly shine! With its application on projectors, there is going to be a considerable increase in reliability of edtech hardware which, we believe, will lead to a commensurate increase in teaching and learning quality.